Senior Dog Who Waited Almost 10 Years For A Home Is So Happy Now

older dog waited almost 10 years happy now

For nearly a decade, Rockland served as the unofficial mascot of an apartment building. The “person’s dog” relied on generous tenants to feed and care for it; otherwise, he had to bravely fend for himself. The brave dog called this place his home and filled it with life.

After the Rockland tenants contacted Animal Haven, they welcomed him into a safe and loving environment. Although the shelter staff loved him, this adorable senior dog continued to yearn for his own family.

Tedi Sarah, an Animal Haven volunteer, was worried the dog wasn’t getting enough attention. To top it off, Rockland had been diagnosed with cancer, so his days were numbered. Nonetheless, Tedi was determined to make sure he experienced the joys of having a family for as long as he lived.

Senior dog who waited years for a home is very happy now

older dog waited almost 10 years happy now

Tedi told The Dodo:

“As soon as I met him and heard his story, I knew I had to help him. My immediate thought was, ‘He can’t die in the shelter. You can’t die. without knowing the love and comfort of a family of yours.”

Over Christmas, Tedi posted a video on social media advocating for Rockland’s adoption. As Rockland spent another Christmas alone, Tedi felt compelled to do something about it and make sure it never happened again.

The volunteer wrote in a post on her Instagram account:

“We all love him at the shelter and would love nothing more than to see him find his own forever family while he can.”

Interested applicants soon poured in, drawn to Rockland’s story and their desire to see him find joy.

Tedi assured:

“Rockland was one of my favorite success stories because it worked so fast!”

older dog waited almost 10 years happy now

After reviewing the applications, it was clear that Rockland had found the perfect fit in Bessy Gatto.

Tedi says:

“[She] has a big heart and has rescued many dogs with special needs. immediately approached the shelter to adopt him.”

older dog waited almost 10 years happy now

Rockland has not only been blessed with a new mom, but also an abundance of siblings to spend quality time with. The sociable dog will surely never have to worry about feeling alone again.

Finally, the volunteer said:

“He is now the big brother of little dog brothers and two human brothers, with whom he is very friendly. Everyone loves him.”

Images: Facebook / Animal Haven

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