She ordered dog food. His heart broke at the note on the receipt, but it wasn’t the price that made him cry

ordered dog food note
Facebook / Julianna Mae

A woman ordered food for her pet from a restaurant. She wasn’t expecting much. A rare steak was supposed to be a reward for a longtime companion. The shared meal was very important to her, as they waited together for their last visit to the vet. Julianna was on the verge of depression when she finally received her order. A touching note on the receipt made the woman believe that there are still good people in this world.

The woman ordered a take-out dog meal. She left a special note for the staff

Julianna was ordering takeout via a website. When told during the summary if she wanted to include a note with the order, she knew what to tell the staff. She just ordered a real treat for her 13-year-old Boston terrier. Boosie was supposed to get 250g of steak and sweet potatoes.

At the same time, Julianna’s order appeared in the restaurant’s employee system. When they went through all the ingredients and reached the note left by the women, they couldn’t hide their emotions. The leaders knew they had to do their best.

ordered dog food note
Facebook / Julianna Mae

The restaurant staff read the order form. They had to do their best

“This is my dog’s last meal. Please prepare it with love” – was the inscription next to the order. The employees concerned treated the note with the utmost seriousness.

Later that day, Boosie was to be euthanized. Julianna’s heart was broken because the animal accompanied her many years ago. Her “first child” was about to leave her.

The little dog has accompanied the woman since high school. Shortly after, other four-legged friends joined the family: Growler, Dozer and Carmela. Julianna also took care of Boosie’s mother, Lucy. The whole gang would accompany him to his last meal.

ordered dog food note
Facebook / Julianna Mae

The dog’s last supper was touching. Julianna forgot for a moment that the dog was sick

“Prepared with lots of love! We are sorry for your loss. We added a sweet snack from us for the dog,” Julianne read on the receipt from Longhorn Steakhouse in Topeka, Kansas. Tears welled up in his eyes.

In addition to the steak and sweet potatoes ordered, the dish came with…a good portion of whipped cream. Boosie was enjoying his snack, devouring his meal until his ears were twitching. Julianna hadn’t seen her dog eat so happily in six months. The woman forgot for a moment that her dog was sick.

The little dog was happy to share his meal with his siblings and his mistress. Lucy didn’t like whipped cream, but she was happy to have a juicy steak.

Julianna thanked the restaurant staff for the special gift for Boosie.

Immediately after the last family meal, she went to the veterinary clinic, where she spent time with her beloved dog for the last time. Tears were still streaming from her eyes as she remembered the nice gesture from the restaurant staff.

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