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The Oriental Longhair cat (may be known as Foreign Longhair, Mandarin or Javanese) is characterized by a body similar to that of the Siamese, long, agile and elegant, with a triangular cuneiform head and ears.

Oriental Longhair
Oriental Longhair

Oriental longhair cat combines a lot of positive characteristics: good-natured disposition, devotion to the owner and high aesthetic qualities. It has a silky coat that is pleasant to the touch. Such a pet is ideal for keeping in an apartment and does not require special personal care, because it needs much more love and affection.

In addition, we are facing a cat that many guardians say is capable of speaking to us. These and many more curiosities will be the ones we discover in this article by ‘ Pets Feed ‘ where we explain everything about the oriental long-haired cat.

Breed history

The ancestors of all oriental cats (both short-haired and long-haired) come from Siam. This state was located on the territory of modern Thailand and became the homeland for many interesting breeds, which later gained popularity around the globe. The first documented mention of oriental cats can be considered the ancient manuscript “Book of Poems about cats”, or “Smud Koi”.

It was created in 1358-1767 in the historical capital of Siam Ayuthaya. For a long time, oriental longhair cat was a national treasure of local residents, and its export outside the territory of the state was prohibited. The only exceptions were those citizens of other countries who had services to the government court, to whom animals were presented as a gift as a sign of special gratitude.

Most likely, it was in this way that the oriental longhair cat nevertheless reached Europe in the 19th century. For a long time, the breed was not recognized as an independent one, considering it to be defective Siamese due to color.

The oriental longhair cat received an official “right to exist” in the world of felinology only in 1977 in the United States. The oriental longhaired cat’s turn to be recognized came later – in 1985. According to one version, oriental long-haired kittens were obtained by mating them with Siamese, and according to another, they were the result of crossing with a Balinese cat in the 60s and 70s of the last century. Today this breed is recognized all over the world.

Native country: England

Other names: British Angora, Javanese, Foreign Longhair, Mandarin

Oriental longhair cat
Oriental longhair cat

Physical characteristics of the oriental longhair cat

The oriental longhair cat is found in medium-sized cats, since its weight usually ranges between 4 and 6 kilograms. Their life expectancy is generally between 14 and 18 years.

Its body is slender and tubular, with long and flexible limbs, as well as strong and muscular. The tail is long and thin, tapering towards the tip of the tail and with hairs that resemble a kind of plumage. The Javanese cat’s head is triangular, long and narrow, with a fine, wedge-shaped muzzle. Its eyes are almond-shaped, inclined towards the muzzle, not too far apart, of a deep color according to the coat, although the most prominent is the vivid blue.

Something that characterizes the oriental longhair is its unique ears, as these are unusually long, wide at the base but sharply dotted at the ends, leaning slightly towards the sides of the head.

Finally, its hair is semi-long, dense and soft, being longer on the tail and neck. The most common Javanese cat colors are solid, although almost all colors and patterns are supported. The most frequent are the unicolor, bicolor, turtles, smoke, tabby, silver tabby, van and harlequin.

Oriental longhair kittens
Oriental longhair kittens

Oriental longhair cat character and personality

Like all oriental cats, cats of this breed are cheerful and sociable. This breed “is in everything” and always wants to know what is happening. Oriental longhair cats are very communicative cats, who can get bored easily and need a lot of attention and games to have fun.

This feline breed is highly prized due to its affable and endearing character. They are affectionate and communicative cats, who will let us know what they need at all times, reaching quasi-conversations with their adorable sustained meows and their penetrating gaze.

With a marked intelligence, it will be easy to educate a mandarin cat, and even teach him funny tricks for everyone’s delight. In addition, it is among the most advisable cat breeds to live in an apartment.

In short, within the temperament of the oriental longhair we highlight that it is a flexible feline that easily adapts to various environments. It is an excellent choice as a companion for both children and the elderly, as long as the relationship between the two parties is based on mutual understanding and respect, they can enjoy great moments of games and love.

These cats are thirsty for companionship and this is something to consider if you spend most of the day outside the home (they may feel more accompanied if two mates of the litter live in the house). the same house).

Oriental longhair cat
Oriental longhair cat


Oriental longhair cats cannot be called painful, because they are quite strong animals. But, like all oriental cats, they can have a tendency to gingivitis, so they need to periodically brush their teeth. There is also a risk of cardiovascular diseases, so periodic examinations by a veterinarian will not be superfluous.

With due attention to health, longhaired oriental cats live 13-18 years.

Oriental longhair cat
Oriental longhair cat

Basic care

Oriental longhair cat grooming of is mainly about keeping the coat in good condition. It is important that it is regular and timely. The absence of a downy undercoat greatly facilitates the work; therefore, the cat’s coat does not tend to fell. It is enough to brush your pet every week with a special brush designed for breeds with long hair. It can be purchased at any pet store.

From the moment the oriental longhair kitten enters the house, it is necessary to provide the correct diet, which includes all the necessary substances. Adult Oriental Longhair cats also need good nutrition for their health. The beauty of their fur coat depends on the provision of the body with the necessary mineral elements and vitamins. You can feed this breed with both natural and commercial food. But you should not save on it – it must be of high quality and balanced.

Oriental longhair cat
Oriental longhair cat


The Oriental Longhair cat is a very affectionate, human-oriented animal. He will be the perfect companion for people who are ready to give her their love and affection. For those who are constantly absent from home, such a pet is not suitable, because it is difficult for him to endure loneliness.

To acquire an Oriental Longhair cat, you need to find a reputable cattery that will sell a thoroughbred and healthy animal. You will need to provide him with good nutrition and regular grooming. As it grows up, the mischievous kitten will turn into an imposing and sophisticated pet, selflessly loving its owner.