Overweight: How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

overweight how to help your dog lose weight

Unfortunately, overweight pets are common. However, many dog owners still believe that a well-fed pet is happy. That’s true, but it’s often said by people whose pets are simply overweight or obese.

Dogs are considered overweight if they weigh more than 15% of their normal weight. Obesity is defined as being more than 30 percent overweight. Obesity can cause many health problems for a dog, as well as a shortened lifespan. So, you can lose your pet. How to make a dog lose weight so that it is effective and safe for him?

Overweight dog

Obesity is a very serious problem. No dog can escape the threat. However, prevention is better than cure, so it is best to simply prevent weight gain. Remember that the breeder, as caretaker, is solely responsible for feeding. Many dogs are greedy, go out of their way to nibble or see what’s good on people’s plates. However, you should not feed your pet between meals. Menu more than balanced enough for him, no reason to eat more.

Some breeds are more prone to overweight and obesity. These include, for example, dachshunds, cocker spaniels, golden retrievers, labradors and beagles.

Age also affects the risk of obesity. The energy needs of dogs decrease with age. In addition, older animals are often less active than younger ones, which also affects their weight.

Castration, along with sterilization, is another cause of weight gain. Sterilization can contribute to weight loss, because due to hormonal changes, the appetite increases and the metabolic rate of the animal decreases. It is the sex hormones that are largely responsible for appetite.

Therefore, such treatment can cause the dog’s metabolism to slow down, while increasing its appetite. Losing weight is not a quick process, but it is necessary.

How to lose weight for a dog?

The weight loss process is best done after consultation with a veterinarian.

The help of a veterinary nutritionist will also be very useful. However, it is worth knowing the principles that govern this process. Thus, the animal will receive reliable care.

Obesity in dogs is very serious. If the dog is very obese, remember to be very careful. Generally, it is important to increase the level of activity. But if you do it too quickly and abruptly, you can lead to serious joint or heart problems, which should be avoided.

Exercise is very important for losing weight, but nothing will change without a good diet. It is important to ensure proper nutrition in accordance with the diet. The dog may ask you to feed him as usual and give him extra portions of food. It shouldn’t be done. Over time, she will get used to this state of affairs. Don’t give in to pity, it’s all for the good of the animal.

It is also important to ensure that the dog is not fed by others. If the owner is sure that he is feeding him correctly – for example, feeding him a certain food twice a day and he continues to gain weight – you should consult a veterinarian. It may happen that the animal receives too much food. This may be due to an underlying medical condition such as hypothyroidism or diabetes.

Diet for weight loss for a dog – what does it matter?

A big dog is a sad sight. Such an animal cannot fully enjoy life and be active. Fortunately, weight loss is possible. At the same time, if this process is carried out correctly, useful habits are developed that are acquired during the process of maintaining a diet, it will not need to be repeated.

How to lose weight dog after sterilization? This process is practically no different from losing weight from a pet that has not endured it. Again, it is important to follow the rules of healthy eating. If you get to know them, it will be easier to cope with this responsible task. So what is the most important thing for losing weight?

The right amount of food

The amount of food an animal receives is very important. The recommended daily amount is indicated on each food package. Daily food requirements are expressed in grams, this amount should be halved – so that the dog receives food twice a day.

This is a very individual matter – it depends on age, activity level and many other factors. However, the correct weight depends on the number of calories she needs.

Therefore, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and, if you prepare the food yourself, find out how many calories it contains. You can also learn how to prepare meals as instructed by a veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist.

When feeding, it is important to keep track of the daily amount of food, but it is also worth trusting your intuition. Not all dogs are prone to pounds – some will need more food than listed in the chart, some less. For example, because they move much less. Each snack and treat will provide your dog with extra calories and fat.

This doesn’t mean you should give up rewarding your dog with treats. You just need to take them into account when planning a diet for weight loss.

Food with less fat

To lose weight, it is also worth switching to special light foods. That is, those in which the fat content is reduced. They may seem less palatable to the dog because the fat is responsible for their palatability. But you can easily solve this problem by mixing them with wet food. Although then it is useful to monitor the weight of products, everything must be calculated correctly. You can put food in a bag with delicious sausages at night, give it in the morning – the food should smell like meat.

Many manufacturers remember dogs struggling with overweight. Therefore, in their offers it is easy to find food specially designed for overweight and obese dogs. Some of them are veterinary products, so they should only be administered after consulting a veterinarian.

Weight Loss in Dogs – Summary

Unfortunately, many dogs are obese or overweight. They should be supported and their weight reduced to the desired level. Purebred dogs have breed samples that determine the ideal weight. In the case of bastards, an individual approach should be applied.

Don’t leave your dog alone with a problem – it can cause him serious harm. Also, do not immediately enter too much physical activity. It is best to consult a veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist before your dog begins to lose weight. It is also important to remember that being overweight or obese can sometimes be caused by disease. Therefore, it is very important to regularly check your dog with a specialist.


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