The owner barks at the dog and his surprised face is so hilarious!

owner barks dog surprised hilarious

When a trend started circulating on TikTok of people barking at their dogs and recording their reactions, Adrian Chateau Wiles decided she had to try it.

She leaned forward and let out a nice, loud bark, and Keiko, her little dog, immediately came to guard.

owner barks dog surprised hilarious

The look on Keiko’s face as he looked at his owner, unsure of what to do, was priceless. The dog was shocked and disconcerted, and probably a little betrayed. After all, he didn’t know his owner could bark like that.

owner barks dog surprised hilarious

“Keiko was very surprised. After all, the dog didn’t know its owner could bark so loudly,” said Adrian Chateau Wiles.

Keiko gave her human mother the funniest sideways glance the world had ever seen, then started jumping around. He was sure the barking was an invitation to play and he was more than willing to accept.

Of course, Keiko continued to watch from the sidelines because it was all a bit unexpected and he was overcome with emotion. His owner had barked at him, so it was the happiest day of his life.

owner barks dog surprised hilarious

“When I tried to record this video, I didn’t expect to see Keiko like this. He was extremely excited, anxious and very enthusiastic, so he responded in this very special way,” added Adrian Chateau Wiles.

owner barks dog surprised hilarious

Wiles definitely didn’t expect this reaction from Keiko, and she loves it, as does the entire internet.

Their daily jokes and their reactions, such as that of the friendly and obedient Keiko, make our lives more bearable.

@adrianchateau bruh this shit has me WHEEZING #fyp ♬ original sound – Savyy

Important: However, dogs can often react badly to jokes when they don’t know anyone. When they encounter someone barking at them, they may react violently out of fear, making the situation potentially risky.

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