Owner creates virtual world where deceased dog can stay forever

Owner creates virtual world deceased dog

For over 10 years, Daniel Esparza shared an incredible bond with his beloved dog, Sam, who meant everything to him. Everywhere we went, Daniel was with Sam.

“Sam has been my partner for almost 13 years,” Daniel said. “Sam was a very cute and intelligent Labrador.”

But a few months ago, after a long and loving life, Sam set off on a long journey to a place Daniel couldn’t follow.

Owner creates virtual world deceased dog

“Sam had brain problems because of his age.” » said Mr. Daniel. “We were supposed to take one last trip to the beach during our vacation, but Sam’s health was rapidly deteriorating and we couldn’t go. And after a while I fell asleep and never woke up.

The two never got to go to the beach together for those final bittersweet memories. But Mr. Daniel found a way to go to the beach with Sam.

Owner creates virtual world deceased dog

Daniel specializes in the growing field of virtual reality technology. One day, before Sam passed away, he used his equipment to 3D scan a sleeping Sam.

Now that Sam is gone, Daniel decided to use 3D imaging.

He created a virtual world in which he and Sam could communicate. The beach Daniel really wanted to visit with Sam.

Daniel regularly visits Sam on the virtual beach he created.

Of course, Daniel knows full well that it’s not real. However, it is a great comfort for Daniel to be with Sam, who is still alive in his heart, even if it is only in a virtual space.

Owner creates virtual world deceased dog

“It’s like a window into the past. “When my memory is no longer good, it makes me feel good to know that I will be able to remember Sam when I am older,” Daniel said.

“I know Sam will always be in my heart and in these memories.”

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