Owner films moment German Shepherd realizes he’s going to the vet, not the dog park

Owner films German Shepherd going vet
Youtube / xDBA3x

Anyone who has ever taken their dog to the vet knows that it is not the most fun time for the animal.

Some dogs, even if they haven’t experienced anything scary or painful at the vet, once they realize we’re there, they start to get scared and don’t want to go in.

Another dog who doesn’t like vet visits is the German Shepherd Enzo.

German Shepherds are tough and courageous dogs that will protect you and your home. They are also very intelligent and are used as police dogs.

This is also a breed used in the military and many of them fearlessly guard soldiers and help detect bombs and explosives.

Owner films German Shepherd going vet
Youtube / xDBA3x

But all the tenacity and courage disappears when this German Shepherd realizes where he is.

His ears go down and back and he starts whining as soon as the car arrives at the vet.

Poor Enzo is scared, but his reaction is one that every dog owner can relate to. And luckily for us, Enzo’s owners filmed the whole thing.

Owner films German Shepherd going vet
Youtube / xDBA3x

Enzo begins to shift uncomfortably in the car as if trying to escape through the door.

His owners can’t help but laugh at his dramatic reaction, knowing it’s just a routine checkup meant to keep him healthy.

Watch the brave dog’s funny reaction:

We hope it will be a while before Enzo has to go back to the vet. Share the video with your dog-loving friends on Facebook!

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