The Owner Of The ‘Smallest Dog In The World’ Is Doing Everything Possible To Protect Him

owner smallest dog in the world protect

Everyone was surprised when this little dog was born, he turned out to be a beautiful puppy that captivated them immediately

Rodney Mclean is a dog lover and founder of K911 Animal Ambulance which is in charge of providing emergency assistance for pets in Quebec.

He started the organization precisely because he loves animals and one day, under his supervision, a little dog was born which they appropriately named Hope.

The little animal came into the world weighing less than 57 grams, the dog was so cute and charming that he quickly won the hearts of people. But he had to receive the attention of a veterinarian and the advice given by the professional was not at all encouraging.

owner smallest dog in the world protect

Hope was born with dwarfism and her life expectancy was only 48 hours.

However, love for a dog can work any miracle, Rodney was a firm believer in this and he did everything on his part to make the dog move forward.

owner smallest dog in the world protect

The furry girl began to grow and gained weight, after four months she reached 311 grams, everyone was very happy and with high hopes that she could reach a higher weight in adulthood.

owner smallest dog in the world protect

Obviously, what the mischievous pup lacks in size, she makes up for in her enthusiasm, confidence and personality as she bounces up and down while her human dad strives to interest her in its purple ball.

She doesn’t seem so enthusiastic about the toy, preferring to approach it and show her affection by mischievously licking and nibbling on her benefactor’s fingers.

owner smallest dog in the world protect

“She doesn’t realize how small she is,” the loving man said.

Rodney was aware that he had a very small dog that needed special care and lots of love and understanding.

owner smallest dog in the world protect

In a touching video he shared on his social media, he told everyone how he took care of her, and you can see when he takes her to a safe space for the little animal to play. all day comfortable without any kind of danger.

owner smallest dog in the world protect

Netizens were moved by the beautiful and mischievous Hope eager to enjoy every moment of her life

“This man really loves his dog, he’s a wonderful person for taking such good care of her, I hope she continues to grow up healthy by his side,” an enthusiastic netizen said.


Despite all the effort and dedication, it was learned that Hope could not resist her condition, but her story became the greatest example of love.

News recently broke that the adorable little dog passed away at the age of six and a half months, but at that time she knew how to have the most fun with the person who did everything for her to live a life. wonderful life.

Hope was undoubtedly a fighter who exceeded all expectations that were for her, left a beautiful memory in everyone’s heart and the most beautiful lesson on how to enjoy and live with joy without looking at the limits.

Images: YouTube Video

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