The Owner Teaches The Dogs A New Command. The Cat Stole All The Limelight, The Recording Was An Absolute Hit

owner teaches dogs new command cat stole limelight

Robert Dollwet from Australia recorded and posted a video showing the training of two Rottweilers – Lucy and Phoenix. While pets are great at performing a new command, their success is eclipsed by anyone else. It’s the story of a cat who had the idea to act like a dog. Since there are always exceptions to the rule in the animal kingdom, a cat named Didga – which is short for Didgeridoo – is one of them. This adorable purr’s greatest pastime isn’t sleeping and eating.

The cat learns tricks with its dog siblings

The cat was adopted from an animal shelter when she was just 13 months old. From then on, she lived in the home of Robert Dollwet, an experienced animal trainer.

Although cats are thought to be too fond of freedom and independence, and the potential of purrs to learn tricks is underestimated by many, Didgy’s new owner’s goal was to prove that our house cats learn quickly and are as talented as dogs.

The video that introduced the disciplined cat to the world shows the moment Didga and two Rottweilers – Lucy and Phoenix – learn the command “roll over”. Dogs have no problem understanding the owner’s command, so they obediently follow the command, lying down on the mat and then rolling over to the other side. Then it’s time for a real star!

In the video, Robert is seen approaching Didga and telling her to fall off. Viewers who thought the cat wouldn’t listen to any commands are in for a big surprise! Didga gently wags its tail and does exactly the same rotation as its predecessors! Did she think she was a dog?

A cat master of tricks and acrobatics

If you’re wondering if “flipping” is the only known art of this cutie from Australia, we’ve got a handful of interesting facts for you. In 2017, Didga was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the smartest cat in the world. The cat can do a variety of other tricks, like giving a paw, sitting or laying down on command or jumping over the bar on a skateboard!

On the Internet we can find many recordings of Didga on a skateboard, which is in no way inferior to human skaters and deftly avoids all obstacles. However, the animal trainer would like to remind that ordinary guardians should not encourage their proteges to perform similar tricks, as it can be dangerous for them.

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