Partially blind dog finds loving home after being abandoned twice: ‘He’s the sweetest and most loving’

partially blind dog finds home after abandoned twice

The black dog hasn’t had much luck so far. The families who were supposed to provide him with a home and love him for life discarded him like a useless toy. Brutus, emaciated, was saved by foundation employees. Thanks to them, he found a new owner with whom he maintains an extraordinary bond. His guardian has also experienced a lot in his life.

People got rid of a useless dog

There are situations in life where, although we would very much like it, we unfortunately have no influence on the things that happen to us. A sudden loss of health affects our well-being and self-confidence. Dogs, being very empathetic and sensitive creatures, also react in the same way to misfortunes that happen to them.

Brutus, a seven-year-old dog who had done nothing wrong in his life, was treated cruelly by the families he trusted. The last keepers abandoned the animal in the forest. This event had serious consequences on the dog’s health. Fortunately, homeless animal rescuers found Brutus in time and restored his trust in people. He is in the hands of a man who accepts him as he is.

Third time lucky. The dog found the perfect owner

partially blind dog finds home after abandoned twice

The misfortunes that befell Brutus greatly affected his health. The dog had serious vision problems. He saw almost nothing. For this reason, few people were willing to like him. Despite this, the dog faithfully waited for luck to decide to smile on him.

A man named Tony was browsing pet ads looking for a home after losing his beloved dog. He had been looking for a matching animal for over a year. However, none of the dogs stole her heart. When he saw Brutus’ skin and bones, he knew it was the dog. The creature caught Tony’s attention with its eyes. Her previous dog had a similar eye health problem. The man was sure he could provide a suitable home for an animal that couldn’t see much.

partially blind dog finds home after abandoned twice

“I love him because of that, not in spite of it. I think this is another obstacle that he has proven that he is able to overcome and show his great resilience – the tutor said about his new friend.”

Misfortune brought them together. Now they help others

partially blind dog finds home after abandoned twice

The man knew what it was like to overcome difficulties and prove to people that you were worthy of their attention. He had used a wheelchair for several years. Curbs, steps, doors that are too narrow are just some of the adversities that a new dog owner must face on a daily basis.

Despite his poor eyesight, Brutus quickly found his way to his new home. With his self-confidence and kind words, his guardian helped him overcome his fears. The dog returned the favor to the man. Tony works as a school counselor. Brutus helps his master at work and serves as a therapy dog for the students. He fits perfectly into his new role. The owner and his dog form a well-coordinated team that overcomes adversities every day. And they prove that no one and nothing will stop them.

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