Why Do People Abandon Their Dogs? List Of Excuses

abandoned dogs

There are some unavoidable and unfortunate circumstances that make people have no choice but to abandon their dogs.

Millions of dogs are left on the streets each year. And this happens unfortunately around the world. Many of these poor abandoned animals die and some are taken to shelters. Unfortunately, very few are adopted by loving families.

If you add this to the problematic fact that not all homeowners sterilize their animals, you see how serious the problem is. After all, abandoned animals will breed at least once a year.

Another sad reality in many countries is that abandoned dogs die in the cruelest possible ways. Electrocution, gas, incineration and poisoning are used to “get rid” of them.

We will never defend an act as cruel as abandoning an animal. But we want to understand the main reasons behind this. Do you want to know why some owners are abandoning their pets? a vast majority of excuses are shameful, ridiculous or downright silly.

These are just a few of the ridiculous real-life reasons people have abandoned their dogs.

 “I don’t like the way he looks at me.”

“He sheds too much.”

“The dog doesn’t match the new carpeting.”

“He’s old and no fun anymore. I want a puppy instead.”

“She keeps peeing in the house and not on the puppy pads.”

“He won’t stay out of the trash.”

“Her hair keeps getting knotted and I can’t afford to go to the groomer every week.”

“He’s sick and I can’t afford to go to the vet.”

“Now that he’s not a puppy, he’s not as cute.”

“My new boyfriend doesn’t like him.”

“I don’t want a gay dog.”

The list of absurd excuses can go on forever and will continue to grow until people realize that dogs are a lifetime commitment.

What are some of the most idiotic excuses you’ve heard for dumping a dog?


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