People Spend Their Free Time Crocheting Small Sofas For Their Cats

people free time crocheting small sofas cats

Cats often think that every corner of the house is under their control and that they can sleep wherever they want. However, crochet fans may have found a way to keep kittens away from the sofa – by simply making a version that’s just their size! A recent DIY trend is to crochet miniature sofas for cats. Some furniture even includes an adorable square blanket so they can snuggle up nicely.

These intermediate level crochet patterns are available on the internet and anyone can crochet one. There are several approaches and styles of sofas to suit the aesthetics of its creator or your cat. Maybe the feline wants two seats, or maybe it prefers a comfortable single chair. Regardless of the pattern, making them requires yarn and several hooks, as well as foam and stuffing to shape the pieces to look like full-size sofas.

If you want to try making your own cat sofa, you can download a full guide from Annie’s Craft Store.

People are crocheting tiny “cat couches”

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