This Adorable Cat Has The Chubbiest Cheeks You’ve Ever Seen

Persian cat chubby cheeks adorable

Who doesn’t love seeing pictures of chubby, fluffy, and cute cats? That’s why, when we saw this adorable Persian cat with the chubbiest cheeks ever, at Pets Feed, we couldn’t stop sharing her adorable photos with you.

Fen Fen as the name of this feline is, it is a Persian cat with short hair and chubby cheeks, it belongs to a young woman from Shanghai.

Cat with the most charming and chubby cheeks

Persian cat chubby cheeks adorable

The girl shared photos and videos of this kitten on social networks. On her Instagram account, she managed to captivate more than one with the beauty of Fen Fen.

Persian cat chubby cheeks adorable

Don’t think this fluffy cat is overweight, it really is a very stylish feline. Many pet owners in Asia tend to groom their dogs and cats in such a way that their haircuts make them look undeniably cute and fluffy.

Persian cat chubby cheeks adorable

His particular haircut makes him look like a chubby and cheeky cat, he is undoubtedly a very special cat. We’re sure you’re getting all the celebrity care.

Persian cat chubby cheeks adorable

Without a doubt, Fen Fen is an irresistible kitty, and his huge cheeks never go unnoticed.

Images: Instagram / fatcatcollection

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