The Persian cat was brought in for euthanasia. Instead of a poison injection, he got a new home

persian cat was brought in for euthanasia

The Persian cat was brought to the veterinary clinic by its owners. Purebred breeders requested euthanasia of the animal, but their requests turned out to be unfounded. The reason they wanted to kill a healthy cat is astounding.

Persian cats are calm and gentle animals that owe their name to their ancestors, who come from the ancient regions of Persia. Cats of this breed cannot be confused with any other cat due to their smooth, silky fur and round-fronted heads. It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to get rid of such a charming beauty… And yet.

The Persian cat was born with a defect

A young white kitten was brought to the vet for euthanasia. The reason for euthanasia was supposed to be the twisted front legs. Instead of examining the animal to identify the cause of the illness and find a way to fix the problem, the trainers took the path of least resistance.

Fortunately, the cat’s irresponsible owners found a veterinarian who not only refused to perform the procedure, but also refused to return the cat to them. The breeders waived their rights to the animal, which was cared for by doctors and volunteers from the shelter.

persian cat was brought in for euthanasia

The animal needs to be cared for, not put to sleep

The vets began looking for someone who would provide medical care for the animal and bring it to the office for routine checkups. Their choice fell on a volunteer living near the hospital who offered to help the neglected creature.

After thorough examinations, specialists detected a number of abnormalities in the young cat. His eyes and ears had to be treated, and to make matters worse, he was infected with a tick. The veterinarians and the animal’s new guardian have not ruled out the chances of recovery for the little one. They cut the knots out of his fur, gave him antibiotics, and got rid of the parasites.

On the same day, Lapik regained his appetite and showed that he is a sweet purr and above all sociable. Although the animal turned out to be deaf and its legs twisted and bent, it had no great difficulty in moving. The only problem was that he couldn’t wash himself, so he was helped by his temporary nanny. The next day, Lapik had another x-ray, which showed that his ray was missing. According to veterinarians, problems with the paws arose due to improper crossing of individuals in breeding, as a result of which the offspring were born with a congenital malformation. It has been 3 months since the last visit to the clinic. As you can see in the photos, Lapik has gained weight and is now mature and independent enough to be eligible for adoption.

persian cat was brought in for euthanasia

There were many potential volunteers, but the staff at the shelter made a strict selection of applicants. As a result, a volunteer was selected whose previous service had recently passed away.

Instead of being euthanized, Lapik now lives in a new home and leads a happy life.

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