Woman Adopts Sad Pit Bull, And He’s So Grateful He Can’t Stop Hugging Her

photo newly adopted dog pit bull

Kayla Filoon is a 20-year-old woman who has devoted much of her time to homeless dogs. Last year, she volunteered at the ACT Philly shelter in Philadelphia as a dog walker and through that she met Russ, a 4-year-old pit bull, who stole her heart and later became a member of his family, recently a photo of this woman with her newly adopted dog went viral on social media and is a prime example of her adoptable beauty.

At first, Russ didn’t look the best, but that didn’t interest him, a big connection emerged between the two.

Kayla told The Dodo:

He came in like a stray dog ​​and he had been really beaten up. He was missing fur on his tail and ears; he was also very skinny and I was told he weighed around 40 pounds when he entered the shelter.

Newly Adopted Pit bull Kisses His New Mom

Russ in the shelter

She knew from the first moment that he had something special.

He was sitting there calmly, looking at me. And I thought, he’s adorable! I have to take it now.

Russ found a forever home

When the woman came back later to check on Russ, he had barely moved.

He was sitting in the same position as before; he was calm while the other dogs were barking and causing a commotion.

Russ is a great dog

Kayla interacted with the dog for about 45 minutes, but it only took her 5 minutes to completely fall in love with him.

He was very nice to me, even when we walked into the yard. He seemed like a very nice dog and he didn’t bark at any of the other dogs.


She realized that Russ knew some basic commands like sitting, so he probably had a home before he came to the shelter. When they returned from spending time together, the dog returned to its crate and the woman called her mother to let her know that she would have a new member in the family.

Kayla and Russ

Kayla said:

I said, ‘I think I have to adopt a dog tomorrow. My mum thought I was joking, because I always fall in love with the dogs I go out with, it’s hard not to, so she doesn’t m didn’t believe, but there was something about Russ.

They are the best friends

Besides making Kayla happy, it was a huge relief for the shelter to know that one of their dogs had found a home, as they recently had to put 15 dogs down.

From the first moment they had a great connection

Any dog ​​had the potential to be euthanized, especially the sick ones, and Russ was definitely one of them. He had kennel cough.

Russ and Kayla have a great connection

Kayla had class the next day, but as soon as she got out she went back to the shelter to take Russ for a ride in his car.

He sat in the passenger seat. I thought, ‘He’s the perfect dog.

Russ went for a walk with Kayla

After the walk, she knew she couldn’t go home without him and she adopted him.

I took him home that night.

Russ is beautiful

It took Russ a little while to get used to the new surroundings, and he needed plenty of sleep as he was still recovering from the kennel cough, but it didn’t take long for him to start loving his new life and his new human mother. . “He must always be near me,” she said.

Russ is a lovable dog

One night I was sitting on the chair, doing my homework, and he was trying to find a way to hold me. There was another couch available, and he had his bed on the floor, but he didn’t want to be anywhere else. . So it eventually settled down, and when I look down I’m like, ‘Oh my God, look at him.’

Russ snuggled up next to Kayla

A friend of Kayla took a picture of the woman with the dog and uploaded it to her social media, going viral.

This photo of the woman with her dog has gone viral

Kayla said:

I was worried that when I brought him home his attitude would change. But he’s still the same kind of relaxed, laid back, snuggled up dog, he’s probably one of the most grateful dogs I’ve ever had. seen.

Kayla Filoon and Russ

If you would like to donate to the ACCT Philly organization to help more dogs like Russ, you can click here.

Images: Facebook / ACCT Philly

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