Pickley, The Cat Everyone Falls In Love With On Instagram. His Green Eyes Are Irresistible

pickley green eyes cat

Pickley is a little lead-colored cat who conquers all users of the Instagram social network with his big green eyes. It is impossible to stop looking at them.

This hairy guy from Texas, USA, has over 19,500 Instagram followers who fall in love with every photo he takes. He even came out for a few seconds on television, when the sports channel ESPN compared him to an athlete when the kitty did acrobatics.

pickley green eyes cat

But this cute Russian Blue kitten has an interesting story behind her internet fame and glowing eyes.

In an interview with the outlet specializing in these felines, Cats on Catnip, the owners of Pickley, said they adopted the furry from an animal shelter. “While all the other cats were playing, he kept staring at us through the glass. It was like he chose us,” they said.

pickley green eyes cat

Since leaving this shelter with his new family, Pickley, who is about to turn 3, has established a lifelong relationship with his owners. Plus, this little guy is a real mischievous guy and his owners know it, so they give him permission to play as much as he wants.

Pickley’s owners told Cats on Catnip:

“He loves hitting lamps and really anything on the ground. Once he killed a butterfly, but he really felt bad about it.”

And it is that really, like all cats, they love games. His favorite toy is an orange ball. This toy is so necessary that little Pickley can’t have fun without his orange ball. Additionally, he usually plays with a small plastic alligator, which is his entertainment partner.

pickley green eyes cat

He also enjoys being outdoors and traveling by car. And so, this cute kitty, with the help of his humans, built his internet fame to make a splash.

Images: @pickley_the_cat

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