She was the smallest of the litter from birth. After 4 weeks they realized there was something wrong with the cat

Pip was the smallest of the litter from birth
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When he was born, the kitten, named Pip, was the smallest of the litter. Even though she was fed and cared for, she still failed to grow. Half as small as he should have been, he was able to dominate any room with his big personality. A concerned caregiver was looking for an answer as to why her furry friend wasn’t growing. After a few months, everything would become clearer.

She was born as the smallest of the litter. Despite feeding, she did not grow

When the kitten was born, he was much smaller than the others in the litter and from the start he had to fight to be noticed. The young cat showed extraordinary determination not to let her strong personality get through.

About 3-4 months ago, a small kitten was found among a group of kittens in need of immediate help and rescue. The little tabby kitten they named Pip was the smallest of them all, but he had a great will to live. Even though he was only half his normal weight, he didn’t seem weak.

Sara, the founder of the feline sanctuary, decided to take the cat under her wing and take care of his health. Even then, she doubted there was anything wrong with Pip.

“She was born in the street… Around four weeks old, they noticed something was wrong,” says the nurse.

Pip was the smallest of the litter from birth
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The cat’s small body contained a huge personality

It didn’t take long for Sara to realize how much energy was contained in this small body. Pip was born with an exceptionally loud voice and was not above using it to attract attention. A loud cry didn’t suit her small body. It looked like it came from a much larger creature. Whenever she had a problem or asked for food, she would let me know immediately.

After his first month in foster care, Pip finally surpassed the half-kilo mark. Everyone was proud of her achievement, even though she had not yet reached normal weight for her age. What mattered was that she was finally eating and making progress.

While the cat was getting used to his new life, his owner was still plagued by worries. Sara worked with her veterinarian to determine the cause of Pip’s slow growth. Regular visits to the veterinarian and numerous tests were supposed to reveal what was behind the cat’s small size.

Pip was the smallest of the litter from birth
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The vet figured out why Pip the cat wasn’t growing. Everything became clear

Pip was not afraid of frequent visits to the veterinarian and always greeted the doctor, walking proudly on her little legs, with her head held high, trying to appear bigger than she was. She was making progress, but she was still too small for her age. A medical mystery was bothering Sara. Was Pip really okay?

When the cat started to have more energy, he was immediately introduced to other cats. Pip immediately found a common language with Joni, who became his favorite companion. Additionally, she had many other cat friends, usually younger, although similar in size to her.

Pip was the smallest of the litter from birth
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Eventually, the mystery of his small size was solved. Pip was diagnosed with a rare disease: congenital hypothyroidism. Cats don’t often boast of such a diagnosis, which made Sara full of fear and doubt about the cat’s future. Fortunately, it seemed that with proper treatment, Pip could live a long and happy life.

“She is full of life and has her little bursts of energy to play with her fellow kittens and even my dog,” says Sara Sharp, founder of the Community Cat Club.

Pip recently turned five months old and his weight continues to increase. Although she will probably never be as fit as healthy cats, her condition does not interfere with her daily activities. Her huge personality shines through, even though she’s limited to a small body.

“When she came to see me, she was sick and so small. Little by little, she became the sweetest, smallest and chubby girl,” Sara says.

Pip was the smallest of the litter from birth
Instagram / hoiteytoitey

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