Pistachio, the puppy that was born with green fur in Italy

Pistachio green fur puppy

Pistachio is a charming puppy who was born in Italy with his bright green coat and is quite an internet sensation

Cristian Mallocci is an Italian farmer who lives on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia with his brother-in-law Giannangelo Liperi. They were shocked when their dog gave birth to a litter, and one of the puppies was born with green fur.

The little girl was named Pistachio after her unusual appearance; her four siblings had white fur, the same color as their mother, a mixed breed dog named Spelacchia (Italian for “mangy”).

Pistachio green fur puppy

But the bright green color that his coat had on the day of his birth, has gradually begun to fade, until it completely does so.

Pistachio’s siblings will soon go to their new homes, while the little girl with the bright green fur will stay with the farmer and will be trained to care for sheep with her mother.

Pistachio green fur puppy

Although it is very strange to see puppies that are born with this color; Before LaVachio he met a little boy in 2017 in Massachusetts, who was adopted by a boy who also suffered from a rare condition of muscular dystrophy, according to CBS Boston.

Pistachio green fur puppy

There are two reasons for the puppy’s green coat. This can happen when the puppy is stained with the meconium in the mother’s womb; They are the first feces produced by an animal from the womb. They could also get this green color from a pigment in the mother’s uterus called biliverdin.

Pistachio green fur puppy

Cristian Mallocci, Pistachio’s father, told Reuters he felt lucky. During these difficult times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, news that makes people smile will always be welcomed.

Green is the symbol of hope and luck, so it may be that your puppy was destined to make many people happy by hearing about his story.

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