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The pit bull had to be euthanized. They took her in at the last minute, and that’s what happened at home

The dog Kaya was sentenced to euthanasia. All this because no one wanted to adopt a pit bull dog, which some consider aggressive. At one point, fate smiled upon her and she was greeted by a loving couple. However, no one expected what would happen when she arrived at their home.

The sad fate of the pit bull

Dramatic scenes unfolded in one of the animal shelters. Kaya, a female pit bull, had been staying there for some time, waiting for new owners. Unfortunately, for a very long time, fate did not want to smile on him. All because animals of this breed are considered aggressive and no one wanted to take on the challenge of raising this dog.

The shelter employees therefore decided to euthanize Kaya. When this was about to happen, the dog’s fate would finally change. A couple entered the building looking for their ideal life partner. When they saw Kaya, they knew it would be the right choice.

The dog found a new home

The couple brought the dog into their home and decided to give him a warm and loving life alongside them. When they adopted her, she was extremely skinny, so skinny you could count all her ribs. They did not know that Kaya, out of gratitude for having welcomed her, was preparing an extraordinary surprise for them.

Soon after, the dog began to gain weight. Although it seemed completely normal at first, after a while the couple began to wonder if they were overfeeding her. A check-up visit to the vet cleared up all their doubts and completely changed their lives.

Sunia has prepared a surprise

The vet performed an ultrasound which showed that the dog was pregnant and would soon welcome at least a few puppies. Kaya spent the end of her pregnancy playing with the water and happily lying on the grass. One morning, she gave birth to eight adorable puppies. But it turned out that was just the beginning.

pit bull had to be euthanized pregnant
The Dodo

The entire work took approximately 2.5 days. Meanwhile, Kaya was experiencing contractions and another puppy was being born. After many hours, it turned out that the family had grown to sixteen young pit bulls in total. Unfortunately, two of them were stillborn, which happens with such a large pregnancy. This surprise completely changed the couple’s lives and forced them to take care of the animals 24 hours a day. Look at this group!

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