This Pit bull is paralyzed, but like other dogs, he’s happy to see his beloved master back. It makes it special

Pit bull paralyzed happy to see his beloved master

Videos of soldiers returning home after months of absence evoke great emotion. However, when you add a family of joyless dogs to that, the result is a mix that will bring tears to your eyes. A paralyzed pit bull rushed to the door to greet his master after a long separation. He greeted in his own way a soldier returning from duty. Better get your tissues ready.

The soldier returned home after a long mission. His faithful companions were waiting for him at the door

Every dog owner knows what tenderness his pet gives him after returning from work or school. A few hours of absence is enough for a four-legged friend to react to our presence as if he had not seen us for years. What if we come home after months of separation? It turns out the effect of this is scenes that will touch everyone’s heart.

When the war veteran returned home after a long and grueling mission, all of his pets rushed out the door. Also among the welcoming committee was Emma – a paralyzed pit bull who expressed her joy at the return of the master in her own way.

Pit bull paralyzed happy to see his beloved master
YouTube / Melissa Swanson

Emma was the last to reach the door to greet the gentleman who had returned from the army

Emma was born with a birth defect that prevents her from moving. The Pit bull’s hind legs are paralyzed, so it cannot walk normally. Its unique way of moving is based on pushing with its front legs. The recording shows that she is doing very well, but she cannot compete with her siblings who are fully functional.

When all the dogs rushed to greet the master, who was returning from a long mission in the army, Emma reached the back door. The beloved master was patiently waiting for him. Meanwhile, he was waving at the rest of the dogs, who were jumping around happily.

“Who is Emma? A lady’s voice is heard in the background.

Pit bull paralyzed happy to see his beloved master
YouTube / Melissa Swanson

The touching welcome video is indescribable. The tears come to your eyes by themselves

The Pit bull patiently waited her turn. You haven’t forgotten about Emma at all. As soon as she was within arm’s reach, he began to caress her tenderly. He also continued to cuddle the rest of the dogs. He didn’t want anyone to feel left out.

Pit bull paralyzed happy to see his beloved master
YouTube / Melissa Swanson

The climax of the heartbreaking scene was when the master hugged Emma. He continued to hug the paralyzed dog. The months of separation were difficult not only for the dogs, but also for the owner. The touching welcome video is a must read. It’s a must-see – the characters’ body language reveals that right now they can’t see the world outside of themselves.

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