Rescued Pit Bull “Obsessed” With Cats Finally Gets A Kitten To Take Care Of

pitbull obsessed cats gets kitten

Bubba is a Pit bull, a dog classified among the potentially dangerous breeds because of his physical characteristics and a lot because of false prejudice, but he has been shown to have much more sensitivity than even some people. Bubba was rescued from a shelter, and since he was a puppy he showed a lot of interest in cats, so his owner decided to bring him a companion.

This pit bull had to wait six years to have his own cat, a female kitten named Rue who seems to think Bubba is his mother. And this is justified, since the dog takes care of her as if she were his own and that he himself had adopted her. It’s another one of those heartwarming stories that make us change the way we think about animals, because the mythical idea that cats and dogs don’t get along has already made history.

Bubba and kitten

Bubba was adopted when he was little, and his owner Rebecca Pizzello brought him along with his roommate, who was taking care of a litter of cats at the time. It was then that little Bubba began to love cats, and he fell in love with them. Since then, her owner knew that one day she would adopt a cat to live with Bubba.

Rebecca told Bored Panda:

“Rue thinks Bubba is her mom and Bubba loves it.”

He had to wait six years, until Rebecca moved to New York, to have her own cat. An orange cat, the same shade as the pit bull, also rescued from a shelter. From day one, they hit it off and Rue immediately started sleeping on Bubba, like he was her mother.

pitbull obsessed cats gets kitten

Bubba loves spending hours playing with her and when exhausted they take a nap together. The handsome pit bull kisses him and acts like a protective big brother. Kitty Rue, for her part, seems delighted with him and makes sure to never lose sight of him.

Bubba takes care of her and washes her as if she were his puppy. He sleeps next to her to give her warmth and he has all the patience in the world with the cat Rue. A beautiful story which shows us that the usual clich├ęs are sometimes more than false, because this pit bull gets along very well with cats and has also adopted his own.

Bubba Rue

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Images : Instagram / bubbalovesrue

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