The poachers set traps, but the fox did not fall into them. Hook lost a paw, but gained something more valuable

poachers set traps Hook lost a paw

A walker crossing forests full of animals came across a creature stuck in a trap set by poachers. One of the dog’s legs was almost completely devoid of skin, muscles and tendons. The suffering creature had to be placed on the operating table as quickly as possible. It was the only solution that could save his life.

He was walking in the forest. He came across an animal in a trap

Near the town of Mileto, located in the Italian region of Calabria, a person walking in the surrounding forests came across a dog stuck in a trap set by poachers. The animal was in dramatic condition. It was obvious that he was trying to get out of the trap on his own. Unfortunately, the desperate fight for survival resulted in serious damage to the leg. One of the animal’s thoracic limbs was almost completely devoid of skin, muscles and tendons.

Local volunteers from the Oipa Vibo Valentia organization were immediately informed of the dramatic situation. This is a unit that helps sick and abandoned animals.

Hook will never get on all fours again. The animal’s operation was necessary

A medium-sized brown dog was stuck in the trap. Immediately after receiving the report, the activists went to the indicated location, secured the dog and then transported it to Ozzano Monferrato. There was a veterinary clinic where experienced veterinarians would admit an injured animal out of the queue.

The patient, brought straight from the forest, was immediately placed on the operating table. The injured limb had to be amputated. Then the dog was placed in the care of volunteers who freed him from the traps. His name was Hook, which loosely translates to “hook.” The choice of name was not accidental, because, like the one-armed Captain Hook from the story of Peter Pan, the mutt also lost a limb.

Destiny smiled on the disabled dog

It took several weeks for Hook to recover. Fortunately, he turned out to be a very strong dog with an equally great will to live. Despite several incidents, such as broken stitches, the dog’s wounds eventually healed. He quickly learned to live like a “three-legged dog”: he knows how to run, jump, play and enjoy life like other dogs.

The best part of this story is that despite losing a limb, Hook quickly found an adoptive family. The decision to give him a permanent home was made by Anna and Enrico, a couple who already own 10 dogs, each of which was adopted. The three-legged dog has adapted perfectly to his new environment and can now lead a happy and comfortable life. For the volunteers and the thousands of Internet users who follow his fate on social networks, he will remain a symbol of the fierce fight for a decent life!

poachers set traps Hook lost a paw
poachers set traps Hook lost a paw


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