256 Police Dogs Were Fitted With Bulletproof Vests Thanks To This 10-Year-Old Boy

police dogs bulletproof vests boy

You can have huge goals at a young age. That is well known to Brady Snakovsky, who at only 10 years old realized a problem that perhaps others did not: Police dogs do not always receive a bulletproof vest at work. So he decided to start a fundraiser for this cause.

For this little boy from Strongsville, Ohio, in the North of the United States, it did not seem fair that the officers always received the protection of a vest, but his canine companions did not.

police dogs bulletproof vests boy

The mother said her son decided to start his charity project after watching on TV that many K9 agents had no protection.

Brady Snakovsky, 10, from Strongsville, Ohio, is the creator of the Brady’s K9 Fund charity, which raises funds to provide bulletproof vests for police dogs. As reported by the Bedford Police Department, the project has already purchased protective gear for 256 canine officers.

During a demonstration of one of the vests recently obtained by one of their dogs, Police said it “is light and does not restrict any movement” of the animal while it is working. “We can’t thank Brady enough for what he has done for us and for every K9 [agent] he has dressed,” the department wrote on social media.

police dogs bulletproof vests boy

Brady’s mother, Leah Tornabene, told Fox8 that her son decided to create the project in late 2018 after finding that the dogs, on numerous occasions, were not protected. “He noticed a dog on TV that was not wearing a vest and wanted to go out and buy one to deliver to a K9 in need,” he recalls.

“Because it’s really important for these dogs that save people’s lives that they’re safe too,” said Brady, who says when he grows up he’ll want to work in the police.

Leah Tornabene explained that the project purchases the vests at a price set for nonprofits of around $ 1,200 each.

And not only did he go out of his way to make them safer, but he also gave them a helping hand to have a park where they train with more space, as CNN explains in this recent article. that they dedicated to Brady.

police dogs bulletproof vests boy

A past to see all he has accomplished: to date, over $ 315,000 which has translated into 260 body armor for police dogs and even dogs deployed in Afghanistan with the US military.

To donate to Bray’s K9 Fund, click here.

Images: Brady’s K9 Fund

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