Police Officer Rescues Tiny Black Kitten From Car Engine, Then Another Officer Adopts Her

police officer rescues kitten car engine adopts her

The duty of the police is to protect and serve citizens when they need it, such as cases of theft, violence, disappearance of people, among others that are extremely urgent.

However, this does not mean that human beings are their only priority, since animals are too. They are not free to get into trouble and complicated situations, especially if they are very young and looking for a place to take refuge. Fortunately, there are kind-hearted people who are willing to help them and, in some cases, give them a chance.

Police rescued kitten stuck in car engine and co-worker adopted her

police officer rescues kitten car engine adopts her

In the city of Charleston, South Carolina (USA), Constable Batiz of the local police department received a call informing him of a case that needed to be handled urgently, it was about a kitten that had been trapped inside the engine of the Jeep car, as reported on Facebook.

Since it was so small and fragile, it probably didn’t take long to get into it. Cats tend to choose safe, warm places to snuggle up, but this one was too dangerous for them. For the same reason, it is important to check before starting the vehicle as well as the tires, another of its favorite places.

police officer rescues kitten car engine adopts her

As soon as he entered, the officer wasted no time in beginning the rescue mission to get the creature to safety. As soon as he succeeded, he took her with him in the police car to sleep at his house that night, because apparently he had no owner.

“After securing the kitten and not finding an owner, he put him in his police cruiser and offered to drive him home for the night,” the department posted on Facebook.

police officer rescues kitten car engine adopts her

“The next day, another Team 2 officer, Officer Crosby, took the kitten to the animal shelter, checked for a microchip, received all of her vaccinations, and adopted the kitten!” detailed the department in the post. “We are happy that he was able to find a good home!” he added.

The employees checked to see if he had a microchip, and not finding it, Cosby decided to become its new owner and named it Clover.

Clover was looking for a safe place to shelter and eventually found a loving family. He emerged victorious.

Images: Facebook / City of Charleston Police Department

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