Police Officers Rescue Two Scared Pit Bulls And Don’t Want To Leave Them Until Help Arrives

police officers rescue scared pit bulls

Don’t miss the following story, about two good-hearted police officers who rescue two terrified stray pit bulls they find on the side of a busy road and refuse to leave them until help arrives.

Patrick Hennessey was driving home one cold winter morning. It was already 4:30 am and all Patrick wanted to do was go to bed to rest. It was precisely then that he saw something that made him stop immediately.

Patrick was so exhausted that it took him a few seconds to process what his eyes saw. Two terrified and injured pit bulls were huddled by the side of the road, whimpering silently. It was a heart-breaking scene to watch. The man, who quickly realized that the two dogs desperately needed help, called the police.

Two friendly police officers came to the rescue of the pit bulls in just a few minutes. Despite being cold and scared, the pit bulls pounced on the officers and gave them a good wet lick as soon as they reached out to pet them. They must have known they were in good hands.

But it didn’t take officials long to realize that the lamentations weren’t out of the woods yet. One of them was bleeding heavily and desperately needed medical attention. One of the officers applied gauze to his wound and pressured him to stop the bleeding while the other called animal rescue services.

Since the two were found wandering down a busy highway, officers could only assume that the injury was the result of the poor dog being hit by a car. The officers hugged the dogs to warm them from the cold.

It was then that a pedestrian named Adam saw the two policemen tending the dogs and was deeply moved by their friendliness. He took some photos of the event and sent them to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and wrote: “These photographs I took represent the loving nature of our agents and will pull the strings of the hearts of any animal lover. Thanks”.

Most likely, the lamentations were abandoned and the officers did not want them to feel betrayed anymore. Despite being tired after a long night patrolling the streets. The two friendly officers stayed with them until the animal rescue services arrived.

In a later interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Officer Reed said: “There is a big mistake when it comes to pit bulls. I can’t tell you how many times those dogs stroked and licked me. Just a week after we brought them to Animal Services, they were the happiest dogs I have ever seen.

The two dogs were taken to Orange County Animal Services in Florida, where they were named Liberty and Justice.

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