Lazy Police Puppy Sleeps During His Swearing-In Ceremony


Brody, just 3 months old, does his police work so well that he is exhausted. He slept throughout his own swearing-in ceremony.

The start of the week is supposed to be a big day for ‘Brody’, the new therapy dog ​​from the Bristol Police Department in Rhode Island, USA. USA The adorable 3-month-old puppy got up early, but managed to sleep through his official swearing-in ceremony on his first day of work.

Surely Brody was awake all night, nervous about his big first day.

Officer Keith Medeiros, manager of Brody, told The Dodo:

“He plays a lot and sleeps a lot. When he is not playing, he sleeps, which is a bit difficult because he sleeps a lot.”

Officer Medeiros, who works as the school resource manager, suggested adding a therapy dog ​​for the first time by force, even though the police initially intended to bring a drug or a bomb sniffer.

In mid-March, Brody joined the team, and it’s obviously a difficult time to socialize a puppy, because everyone practices social distancing.

Brody Lazy Police Puppy

Medeiros said:

“You want me to be exposed to as many people as possible. And I try to do it by practicing social distancing”.

Brody Lazy Police Puppy

But it turned out that Brody had come at the right time, as an antidote to all the stress and anxiety absorbed by the people around him.

Brody Lazy Police Puppy

Medeiros added:

“People are really stressed, especially in the police. Just by walking into the police department with Brody, people smile immediately, they immediately find themselves in a better place. They want to pet him, hug him, and that’s really good. ”

Brody Lazy Police Puppy

And the best thing is that the puppy doesn’t even have to have his eyes open to do his job well.

Brody Lazy Police Puppy

On the day of his swearing-in ceremony, Brody showed how comfortable he was with his new companions.

Medeiros said:

“We put it on the desk and it was so comfortable that it lay down and fell asleep.”

Brody Lazy Police Puppy

The police have posted the video of Brody’s ceremony on Facebook and have already accumulated more than 500,000 views.

Watch the video on the official page: Bristol, R.I. Police Department

Medeiros acknowledges that it would probably have been better if Brody was awake, but he didn’t mind taking the oath for the lazy bear.

Brody knows how exhausting it is to be so cute.

Photos: Instagram

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