A Woman Builds Her Chihuahua An Adorable Little Bedroom Under The Stairs

poncho chihuahua adorable bedroom

Poncho is a very spoiled and beloved dog in his family, so they built him a cute little room under the stairs.

If you have a dog, you probably enjoy pampering it with toys, treats, and lots of love, but what they’ve done for this loving dog is on another level. They built him a little room under the stairs and it’s really adorable.

Imgur user Fatisbac shared the photos and many were amazed. The images quickly went viral.

When the young man visited the new home of his aunt Betty McCall, a retired teacher from Georgia (USA), and saw that there was a strange little door just below the stairs, and to his surprise, he discovered that his aunt had created a cozy little room for Poncho, his beloved chihuahua.

She built her chihuahua an adorable little room

Poncho bedroom

He thought it was a pantry, but he didn’t imagine his aunt’s genius would reach another level.


Her aunt explained that the idea of ​​arranging the space for her dog came to her when she found a doll’s bed at a garage sale.

Poncho small room

It seemed to him that in this way Poncho would sleep more comfortably, and that the size suited him perfectly.

Poncho room

The miniature piece includes small furniture, a cute dog bed, piano, dresser, lamp, rug, and even a framed picture of four dogs playing poker. Everything, of course, the perfect size for Poncho.

Poncho dog room

The good thing is that Poncho loves his room, he sleeps there at night and uses it as a refuge when loud noises bother him.

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Images: Imgur

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