A Rescued Pit Bull Gets Her Own Maternity Photoshoot And She’s Gorgeous

Sweet rescue dog shines in her own maternity photoshoot

Mama Pickles was abandoned by those she loved most in the world, but kind-hearted people saved her and she showed off her great modeling skills in a photoshoot at her maternity hospital.

This 2-year-old pit bull was roaming the streets in dire need of help, she was alone and pregnant. Fortunately, animal control officers rescued her and tried to find out where she was from. Now she has surprised everyone with some wonderful maternity photos.

Mama Pickles’ family was located, but they said they didn’t want her anymore and that’s why they decided to hand her over to the shelter. The poor dog needed more specialized help than they could provide, so the Pits & Giggles Rescue organization decided to take him in.

Pits & Giggles Rescue specializes in helping pregnant and lactating female dogs and their puppies.

Rescued pit bull shines in maternity photoshoot

Rescued pitbull dog

Mama Pickles was very excited to meet her new friends at the rescue center and even though she could barely move due to her huge belly, she couldn’t help but seek everyone’s attention and kisses.

Pits & Giggles Rescue volunteer Lauren Casteen Skykes told The Dodo:

“Mama Pickles is all tail wags and smooshy kisses and must be underfoot and in your space at all times! She is definitely a ‘velcro pitty,’ and certainly has a little bit of mischief in her eyes!”

Lauren also owns Enchanted Hills Photography and spends her time doing photo studies of Pits & Giggles Rescue puppies to capture people’s attention and help them find homes.

Rescued pit bull dog receives care

When Lauren first saw Mama Pickles she knew she would be the perfect candidate for a maternity photoshoot and the results were incredible. Everyone was thrilled to see how much of a diva she was. She posed like no other dog.

Lauren said:

“She is ALL belly and a bit clumsy, so getting her posed was not difficult, but getting her to sit still long enough to get a picture was no easy task!”

Rescued Pitbull prepares for a photoshoot

Mama Pickles was receiving a lot of love and attention as she deserves, and by the end of the photoshoot, everyone was waiting for the babies to arrive. Fortunately, they didn’t have to wait long, the following weekend Mama Pickles gave birth to eight adorable and healthy puppies.

Little dog poses for photoshoot

The female dog was given the necessary space to be with her puppies and to rest. After that, they made a new photo study of the happy family. There, Mama Pickles looked much more proud to pose.

Mother pitbull poses with her puppies

She is an amazing mother and she takes care of her babies every second. In a few months, they’ll all be ready to find a forever home, but in the meantime, they’re enjoying your company.

Little dog poses with her puppies

Lauren said:

“This girly was clearly used repeatedly for breeding and we’re excited to make sure this is her very last litter.”

Images: Facebook / Enchanted Hills Photography

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