Hopeful Puppies Waited To Be Rescued In A Box Near A Busy Highway, Yearning For A Lifeline

puppies waiting rescued box near busy highway

It’s hard to believe anyone could treat puppies like that. A person completely immune to the evil of animals, who did not care at all for their fate, left them in a cardboard box just off a busy highway. The puppies were waiting in the box for someone to take pity on them, but no one doubts that tragedy could have happened at any time.

They found a cardboard box with abandoned puppies

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) has received reports that a box of puppies was found on a busy motorway in County Longford. There were up to five small dogs in the card box, which miraculously did not take the road on which the cars were traveling at high speed.

It’s no surprise that the cubs were completely unaware of the danger lurking right next to them. However, no animal lover could pass by them indifferently.

“Their short life may have ended before it even began,” the ISPCA concluded in a Facebook post.

Rescuers rushed to help the puppies immediately after receiving the report

ISPCA inspectors immediately set out to help the puppies. Fortunately, they were informed of all this by someone who was not indifferent to the life of the little ones. After reaching the place, they had no doubt that the quadrupeds were not there by accident.

Someone obviously wanted to get rid of the puppies. It’s hard to tell if he was counting on them running down the highway or if someone would spot them and greet them. It should be noted that the dogs were playing with each other while in the box and really came close to falling, which would certainly make it easier for them to run around the area.

The puppies were saved

According to the Irish organization, the puppies are three males and two females. They were given the following names: Sean, Brendan and Gaza and Stephanie and Michelle. When they were taken care of by specialists, it turned out that proper treatment had to be taken to eradicate the parasites in them. Although they were only 10 weeks old, they were strong enough to survive without their mother.

No one had the slightest doubt that the adorable quadrupeds would have no problem finding loving owners. This is exactly what happened. Although at the beginning of their life fate did not spare them, they eventually learned what human love is.

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