Video: Puppy Asks For Help From A Larger Dog To Defend Against A Cat

puppy asks help big dog against cat

The cat prevented the passage of the four-month-old puppy who, far from giving up his attempt, went to seek help

A little four-month-old puppy named Louie who was trying to get into the bathroom of his New York home, ran into an unexpected obstacle: Marvin, the family cat, wouldn’t let him through. Then the puppy did something that surprised everyone. He left the cat’s area of ​​influence and returned with a much larger dog, which helped him achieve his goal.

The comic animal coexistence scene was recorded in a video shared on social media, which automatically went viral. There, the pet owner is a direct witness to how Louie tries to access the bathroom and Marvin does not allow him. The cat even stands on two legs and gives the dog a few slaps or scratches, leaving room, in an attitude that until now seems to be capitulating.

“Was it necessary to use claws, Marvin?” The woman asks her cat. A few seconds later, Louie returns to the scene, but in the company of the dog Leela, a year and twice her size.

Seeing that the puppy entered the bathroom with this companion, Marvin immediately jumped into the sink and led the way for his canine companions. “Ah yes, now reinforcements are coming and you are running,” said the owner to the cat Marvin, who, in order not to face defeat, puts his head in the sink as if to make him want to drink water.

Without a doubt, the cat learned the hard way that he shouldn’t play with the little ones.

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