The Puppy Does Not Leave The Box In Which He Was Abandoned

puppy does not leave cardboard box abandoned

This puppy, named Harvest, was abandoned in a cardboard box, which she never wanted to leave.

Someone without a heart abandoned little puppy inside a cardboard box on the side of the road in a residential neighborhood with no water or food, in the intense heat on a summer day. At only 10 months old, now the puppy knew that cruel part of humanity.

Harvest seemed to be hoping that her favorite person would return, and she thought that if she waited patiently inside the box, they would come back for her. But that never happened, and despite the strong heat, she never got out of there.

Fortunately, the next day, a good Samaritan finds her.

Patti Dawson, president of Dallas Dog, told The Dodo:

She never moved from the box. She was just waiting for someone to come back.

An abandoned puppy in a box was never far away

Harvest in a box

When transferred to the shelter, the little girl never left the box and animal control officers were completely surprised. They took her and her crate to a kennel, thinking Harvest might be crippled.

abandoned Harvest

Once at the kennel, Harvest got out of the box and they realized the box meant sanctuary for the dog, so they decided to leave it to him.

Harvest on the way to shelter

Harvest’s first few days in this unfamiliar place had bewildered her. She was very confused, scared and sad, and so she remained curled up in the corner of her kennel.

Harvest in the shelter

Patty said:

You could see his shoulders and his body shaking in fear.

But the shelter staff took it upon themselves to show Harvest that good people exist, and they gave her the love and understanding she needed to notice. Despite her fear, Harvest had a sweet demeanor and little by little she began to blossom and realize that she could be loved.

Harvest adopted

The Dallas Dog Rescue Center took Harvest in after two weeks of rescue and found him a loving temporary home, where his true self began to reveal itself.

New Harvest Family

Harvest seemed to have a lot of energy, as evidenced by his new adoptive siblings, with whom he enjoyed running and playing. Also, I was very happy in the warmth of the house, curled up on the sofa, quietly watching television with my family.

Harvest welcome

Patty added:

It took about a week before it really opened up, and it hasn’t slowed down or looked back since.

The rescue center hoped that Harvest would soon find the forever family she so deserved, and it didn’t take long, as the baby girl was recently adopted.

Harvest Adoption

Now, Harvest is happy in a home, where she will be pampered and loved forever, and will never again know what abandonment is.

Images: Facebook / Dallas Dog

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