They forced this puppy to participate in dog fights. Now look at his beautiful transformation after his rescue.

puppy forced participate in dog fights

No dog should suffer. But when the worst happens, we’re always grateful when animal lovers do everything they can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

One day, a five-month-old pit bull puppy was passed out on a woman’s porch, and she couldn’t leave him there.

His actions marked the beginning of the puppy’s long journey to recovery. And this dog’s story is important because it not only raises awareness of the horrible cruelty of dog fighting, but it also shows the power of change.

A five-month-old puppy named Jax was passed out on a woman’s front porch.

No one knows how he got there, but veterinarians suspect he was severely abused and forced to participate in dog fighting.

puppy forced participate in dog fights

Jax suffered serious injuries to his neck and one of his eyes was so swollen he couldn’t open it. The woman who found Jax contacted a local dog association. Jax was transferred to a veterinary hospital, where he received medical care, food and rest.

The woman who saved him formed a strong and special bond with the dog. Every night she visited him in the hospital, and slowly the sparkle returned to Jax’s eyes. Then came the good news: Jax would survive and make a full recovery.

puppy forced participate in dog fights

It’s impossible not to cry when you see the transformation Jax has undergone. It’s amazing to see him now, and it warms my heart to know that he will have a life full of warmth and love.

puppy forced participate in dog fights

Watch Jax’s incredible journey.

Millions of people watched the video and Jax’s story touched them deeply.

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