Abandoned Dog Shivering In The Snow Screaming For Help


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This sweet little dog was found in the middle of the snow in a sorry state, but the love of his rescuers changed his life forever.

This sweet little dog who now bears the name Weezer was abandoned in the snow in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) but his life was changed forever thanks to the love of his rescuers. The dog’s situation was captured on video and a wide variety of reactions were generated among onlookers.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis is a rescue team who received a phone call from a local woman who was genuinely concerned after her son found the little boy in an alleyway.

According to The Dodo, Natalie Thomson, head of marketing and digital communications for Stray Rescue of St. Louis, claimed Weezer was huddled in a pile of snow and next to a utility pole.

The little dog was abandoned in the middle of the snow

puppy found abandoned middle snow

Rescue teams immediately came to help the puppy that can be heard in the video crying.

Donna Lochman, a member of the organization, took charge of approaching the animal and made the video of his rescue where we can hear how she reassures him with loving words.

She uses a pink strap to hold him down and although he shows some resistance, he eventually gives in to the woman.

When you put it in the car, you can see the little animal much calmer and even happy to have received help.

puppy found abandoned middle snow

The rescue team wrote the following on YouTube:

This poor soul has completely broken our hearts in two. He was shaking and screaming in fear.

puppy found abandoned middle snow

When the dog received his first bed he lay down still terrified and shaking and as soon as he calmed down he let a vet come up to him and kiss his nose.

Upon examination, it was possible to identify that Weezer did not have a microchip and that he had an injury under his arm as if he had used a harness or tightrope.

puppy found abandoned middle snow

Donna said:

Apparently he’s about 7 months old and he’s so sweet.

Fortunately, Weezer was able to quickly find a foster family where he receives a lot of love.

puppy found abandoned middle snow

Nathalie said:

His adoptive mother spends time curled up on the couch with him. They love to get under the covers together. He even worked with her and made lots of new friends in the office!

Weezer was first sent to foster care as he completed his recovery process and it didn’t take long for him to be adopted into a family forever.

puppy found abandoned middle snow

Weezer is a dog whose life has changed in impressive ways, as well as his new family who love him more than anything. He grew into a big and strong dog, who thanks to love managed to overcome his past.

puppy found abandoned middle snow

His name is Bowie now and his foster parents Shawn Brodie and Jaclyn Carr love him as much as their other rescue dogs. Together, they made the most beautiful family he could imagine.

puppy found abandoned middle snow
puppy found abandoned middle snow

If you would like to help the Stray Rescue of St. Louis association, you can make a donation here.

Images: Stray Rescue of St. Louis // Shawn Brodie