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Found abandoned with a slice of bread in his mouth, this puppy now has a new family

Gunnar is a dog only a few weeks old, found abandoned with only a slice of bread. Thanks to Sidwalk Specials volunteers, he was adopted and found the affection of a real family.

Volunteers from Sidewalk Specials, an association which helps animals living on the streets and in difficult conditions, saved the life of a dog just a few weeks old. His name is Gunnar and he was found in the Groendal Nature Reserve in South Africa. The puppy was in terrible conditions: alone, sick, malnourished and full of ticks. Today, fortunately, Gunnar has started to live again, thanks to his partner Freya, a local girl who decided to adopt him.

“He was alone and very weak. He immediately started wagging his tail when he saw us – says Rachel, a Sidewalk Specials volunteer – it seemed like he wanted to share his piece of bread with us. When he was found, in fact, Gunnar had with him a slice of bread, almost as big as him. After recovering him, the rescuers took him to the veterinarian to provide first aid. Gunnar was anemic, had a fever and an eye infection: “His family had been abandoned because they wanted to get rid of them – says Freya – but they forgot Gunnar, who was trying by all means to survive”.

Thanks to donations from Sidewalk Specials supporters and the care of the veterinarian, the puppy quickly regained his strength and was placed in a temporary foster family: after a week, he met Freya, and now the two are became a family: “He was 9 weeks old and he was tiny. He was as big as half of my arm – the young woman continues – We quickly became close. He was very curious and wanted to know everything. »

Today, Gunnar is a very active dog and is making the most of his new life: he runs, discovers the world and spends a lot of time playing with Freya and her four-legged friends, bringing with him a message of hope for animals who suffer and live in disadvantaged conditions.

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