Puppy Found Floating In A Box In The River Is Very Happy To Have A Family

puppy found floating box river happy have family

Two kind-hearted people rescued an abandoned puppy from the river. The 2-month-old pup was found floating in a box in the Texas River, but luckily made it to a shelter where he was able to find his forever home.

Shelter staff determined that the puppy was infected with the potentially deadly canine parvovirus. Something that, if not treated in time, can lead to death.

Although the shelter informed them of the pup’s diagnosis and they could not treat him, this loving couple did not give up on him. Instead, they drove two hours to Austin Pets Alive, a nonprofit animal shelter in Texas that has a well-equipped intensive care unit specifically for puppies affected by this virus.

Puppy found in the river is very happy to have a family

puppy found floating box river happy have family

After being cared for by the shelter team, the pup they named Kayak received immediate life-saving veterinary care. Suzie Chase, community relations manager for Austin Pets Alive, kept everyone up to date with this heartwarming story.

puppy found floating box river happy have family

Suzie told TODAY:

“When Kayak arrived he was 7kg. He was in very, very bad shape. Our head doctor said he had collapsed when he arrived and they had to give him some fluids. The next day, they weighed him and he weighed 8.4 kg.”

Vaccinated puppies have a much lower risk of contracting parvovirus, which can be expensive to treat and requires a two-week quarantine after treatment. Fortunately, Austin Pets Alive ICU offers an impressive 90% success rate in helping pets recover from this virus.

puppy found floating box river happy have family

Susie said:

“We will try anything to help the animals in our care. We believe they all deserve the opportunity to be in a loving home.”

Kayak took advantage of this opportunity, and after recovering from parvovirus, moved into the wing of the shelter for puppies ready for adoption, where Ascencia Barajas and her 3-year-old daughter Ryanne discovered him resting peacefully.

puppy found floating box river happy have family

As other puppies squealed and jumped around the shelter, Kayak stood out from the crowd with his calm demeanor.

Ascensia said:

“Kayak was calm, cool and collected. He sat there with his big ears to the side. They were just adorable. And when my daughter approached, she didn’t bark like the other puppies. None of the other dogs only vibrated with Ryanne like Kayak.”

puppy found floating box river happy have family

By sharing with Austin Pets Alive! Her desire to adopt Kayak, she was dashed when her heartbreaking story was revealed to her.

The woman remembers:

“My first reaction was that I wanted to cry. I didn’t understand why anyone would do that.”

puppy found floating box river happy have family

As they made their way to their final home, Kayak faithfully kept Ryanne company along the way. When they arrived at her apartment, it was as if she immediately recognized that this place would be her forever home. Since then, Kayak has been in heaven: playing with a ball he instinctively knows how to return for more fun every time, receiving treats and snuggling up with Ryanne every night – everything except the baths, which he absolutely hates!

Ascent says:

“He’s been through a lot. It didn’t surprise me that he didn’t like the water when I bathed him.”

puppy found floating box river happy have family

The woman is eager for people to consider giving shelter animals a chance to find homes because there are so many in need. At first tempted to buy her pet, she eventually chose Austin Pets Alive!, where she was able to provide a loving home to an animal in need.

Images: Ascencia Barajas

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