A Curious Puppy Befriended A Butterfly And His Photos Are Adorable

puppy friend butterfly photos

Rylee Boland and her five-month-old French bulldog named Mochi were hanging out at their home in San Diego, California when an unexpected visitor showed up. It was a monarch butterfly with bright orange wings that landed on her patio wall to warm up in the sun.

Mochi didn’t hesitate to greet the butterfly and although she was usually a hyperactive pup, curiously she seemed to understand that the butterfly was very delicate and should be treated with kindness.

For its part, the butterfly felt confident to approach Mochi and interact.

An adorable dog has befriended a butterfly

Puppy is friend of butterfly

Rylee told The Dodo:

She was so nice and didn’t want to hurt him. She is very well behaved and has the kindest heart.

Puppy sleeps blanket

The woman took advantage and took several photos of the dog with the butterfly. Their interaction lasted about 15 minutes, then the visitor flew to Rylee’s hand to continue on her way.

Puppy sleeps blanket

The photos managed to capture the perfect encounter and received very positive reactions from social media users.

Butterfly on puppy's nose

Ryle said:

It was an incredible experience.


A month ago, Rylee created an Instagram for Mochi where she has over 8,400 followers.

puppy with costume

Rylee’s relationship with Mochi is very good, they love to cuddle and play, there is definitely a wonderful connection between them.

puppy and butterfly

Mochi breed puppies are characterized by a very friendly, intelligent and intuitive personality, which the dog demonstrated by being so kind to his butterfly friend.

Images: Instagram / mochi.the.sd.frenchie

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