This Puppy From The Shelter Was Born With A Mark In The Form Of A Beautiful Mustache

puppy is born beautiful mustache

A homeless dog has arrived with her 11 newborn puppies at Dallas Animal Services, a shelter in Texas, USA. The shelter staff immediately noticed that there was something different about this litter.

All dogs are born with facial hair, some even with a pronounced beard, but one special pup had something unique: a mark that looks like a handlebar mustache.

Shelter workers cared for this curious family for two weeks, but with hundreds of homeless animals passing through their doors daily, they knew the situation was not viable for the family.

Then Hearts & Bones Rescue took care of the mother and the puppies.

Puppy born with a mustache mark

The rescue team knew they had to get the puppies out of the shelter quickly because they are at high risk of getting sick in this environment. So, they managed to find an amazing foster home in Dallas that took in the whole family.

Mom and her puppies

When rescuers saw Salvador Dolly, the puppy with the curious handlebar mustache, also known as “Mustache Puppy”, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

puppy with mustache

Allison Seelig, Vice President of Marketing for Hearts & Bones Rescue said:

Mustache Puppy is absolutely adorable and we are so glad we were able to save her and her family. It’s puppy season in Dallas right now and there are always multiple moms with litters at the shelter.

Salvador Dolly’s brothers are also beautiful, but seeing her you can’t help but fall in love.

Salvador Dolly

The whole family is so happy to be in a foster family, where they receive the necessary medical care. In this home, we make sure that each puppy is watched, with or without a mustache, and that the mother is happy too.

dolly's brothers

Since the mother is still nursing her young, she gets plenty of food to ensure she maintains her calorie intake.


Once the puppies are weaned, the whole family will fly off to upstate New York, where they will go to new foster homes as they find forever families.


If you would like to adopt or foster this puppy or a family member, you must complete an application on the Hearts & Bones Rescue website.

Images: Facebook / Hearts & Bones Rescue

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