Puppy Is Not At All Happy With The Food Ration That Mom Intends To Give Him

puppy not happy food ration

Janeiza lives in Thailand and is the mother of a whole family of fluffy and adorable Pomeranians. The woman had decided to “diet” one of her cubs named Pao, and recorded a funny video serving him a portion of food that Pao obviously didn’t agree with.

Pao’s mother shared the funny clip on her social media which quickly went viral due to her Pomeranian’s reaction. Netizens seeing Pao’s displeasure with the incredible, tiny portion of food that was served on his plate couldn’t help but laugh and share the funny video.

Obviously, Janeiza doesn’t feed such a small portion to her little dog, but there’s no doubt he wouldn’t allow it either.

The puppy is not happy with the portion of food that mom puts on her plate

Dog annoyed by his food ration

According to an article published by Web MD. David Gonsky, the medical director of the West Loop, a veterinary care center in Chicago (USA), recommends that before starting any diet for our 4-legged friends, we must make sure that he is really overweight and with a simple exercise we could identify it.

If the spine and ribs are hard to feel, the dog is overweight.

Another simple way to identify overweight in our pet according to Dr. Gonsky is to observe from above; Looking at your pet, you should see a “waist” between the back of the rib cage and the pet’s hips.

Among some of the recommendations mentioned by Dr. Gonsky are exercising with our furry companions; This not only burns calories but also reduces your appetite. You can start by taking him for a walk or a game of fetch.

adorable pomeranian dog

It is absolutely necessary to reduce the quantity in the portions of his food, but not as it happened to Pao, reducing a little would be enough. Thomas Watson, a veterinarian at Carolinas Veterinary Medical Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina, says:

“Use a real cup to measure your pet’s food, not just a cup from the cupboard.”

Puppy disgusted by the food ration he receives

Although the video where Janeiza tries to put Pao on a diet with such a small portion of food is really funny, if we really want to help our pets have a healthier life and proper nutrition, it is always better to receive the good advice from a specialist in the field.

You can enjoy the funny adventures of Pao and his family on his Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / pao__family

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