Little Dog Used A Shoe For Shelter Until A Man Saved Him And Gave Him A Home

puppy shelter shoes man saves house

Man found an abandoned puppy wearing a shoe for shelter in the middle of an area full of trash and turns his life around

Goran Marinkovic is a man who has dedicated much of his life to feeding and caring for the homeless animals in his town. But one day in March last year, as she was visiting and feeding her canine friends, she got a little surprise.

The man observed a small, abandoned puppy sleeping next to a shoe he apparently used as a shelter to protect himself.

The puppy seemed very hungry and a little sick, so he decided to feed him to gain his trust and thus be able to rescue him.

The puppy wore a shoe for shelter

puppy shelter shoes man saves house

Goran was moved by the little one’s situation, as he had been dumped and left in the garbage, regardless of his fate. In the place there was no trace of a mother and no other abandoned babies next to him, he was completely alone.

puppy shelter shoes man saves house

In addition, his physical condition showed that he had not eaten or drunk water very well, he was just fighting to survive and waiting to be saved. Then the man took him home to cure his illnesses and help him recover, until he grew into a healthy dog.

puppy shelter shoes man saves house

Goran says to Bored Panda:

Except endangered animals, which live on the streets. I take care of animals because I love them, I love all animals the same way.

The man named the puppy Smesten and took him to the vet for treatment for his health issues.

puppy shelter shoes man saves house

After several days, the little one started to recover and look much better, thanks to the care and love Goran gave him. Smesten started to show his true personality, he is very energetic and playful, but more importantly he stole Goran’s heart.

puppy shelter shoes man saves house

The man decided to adopt the puppy, and now Smesten has many siblings he can play with, and although he’s smaller, he’s still having fun.

Undoubtedly, Goran’s volunteer work is admirable, he has managed to help hundreds of animals, but every day more and more are appearing.

puppy shelter shoes man saves house

Goran added:

I feed abandoned animals on the streets that don’t get food from humans and don’t have owners. Their number continues to increase.

Although it is not an easy job, he is always ready to do whatever he can to help animals in need, and his reward is their happiness.

puppy shelter shoes man saves house

It has been several months since Smesten transformed his life and his physical appearance has totally changed, he is a beautiful, strong, healthy and intelligent dog. Smesten is very affectionate, he is always full of energy and ready for any adventure, his difficult start to life has definitely changed completely.

puppy shelter shoes man saves house

Thanks to Goran’s kindness, love and incredible work, Smesten was able to have a second chance in his life to be happy.

Images: Facebook/ Goran Marinkovic


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