Puppy Tied Outside Building Makes Impressive Transformation

puppy tied up outside building amazing transformation

In October, Courtney Bowles received a call from her father with some strange news, it turns out the man had found a puppy tied outside a building, so he needed his help.

Courtney has quite a bit of experience rescuing dogs, so she immediately ran over to check it out so she could help. It was a small dog, and when she got to the place, she was surprised at what she saw.

Apparently, the poor guy had been tied up for days and was also suffering from malnutrition and dehydration.

Courtney told The Dodo:

“She was very skinny and covered in her own excrement and waste. He had searched a garbage bag because he was very hungry.”

A puppy tied outside a building is rescued

It was obvious that the dog was very neglected by her former family, in addition, they left her abandoned in the building after moving out because they owed the rent. The cruellest thing was that they had left her tied to a pole, with a cat’s collar around her neck, without water and without food.

The young woman didn’t know how the dog would react to her approach, but when she offered to help, she transformed into a different dog.

Courtney commented:

“At first she chickened out because she was so scared of people, but once I started petting her and giving her a treat, she transformed. “

It seems the dog understood that she was there to improve her situation, so she let her leash be taken off and they put her in the car.

When I was in the car, the dog started showing all her kindness and appreciation, and started wagging her tail happily.

Courtney took her home and gave her a shower; while bathing her, the water began to turn dark, it was full of dirt. The woman believes that she had never taken a shower or that it may have been a long time since her last bath.

Courtney said:

“Since then, when she is scared, during thunderstorms or when she hears loud noises, she runs and gets into the bathtub. I think that was the first place she felt safe. “

After spending several days in her new home, the dog they named Bonnie Blue grew in confidence and started showing her true self. She was even so excited that she was encouraged to meet the other family dog; a friendly dog named Millie.

At that time, Bonnie was still very weak, so she couldn’t run or jump on the furniture, but Millie did her best to help her. When they ran, Millie would slow down so Bonnie could catch up or throw toys off the couch for Bonnie to play with.

Courtney commented:

“It was very nice to see how they came together little by little.”

The two little dogs acted like they had known each other forever, they did everything together, and besides playing, they slept and walked together. Millie has also managed to teach her new baby sister to be more confident and enjoy life to the fullest.

Now she has become a totally different female dog, she is energetic, likes to run and play, likes to be around people and chew anything. Bonnie became an official member of the family, receiving all the care and love she deserved since birth.

The dog is now making sure to show her family how grateful she is and that it’s never too late for a second chance at life.

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