Puppy Is Caught Trying On His Father’s False Teeth

puppy tries false teeth daddy

A Michigan man named Ben Campbell recently surprised his dog ‘Thomas’ in a comedic prank. He noticed his four legged friend of his something strange and distant, it turns out the dog was up to something, Ben’s surprise was to see him with the false teeth he had recently ordered online as a joke.

Ben told The Dodo:

I’m pretty dumb, I bought the teeth on Etsy to make me laugh.

a puppy steals his daddy's false teeth

Dog caught wearing dad’s false teeth

Luckily for us, Ben had his camera ready to capture the hilarious moment that quickly went viral, no doubt brought smiles to viewers with the video.

Normally we would expect a dog to bite their teeth and play with them until they were destroyed, but Thomas had a better idea, to show them and smile instead.


Ben added:

I saw him run suspiciously towards his hiding place, so I chased him and found him with his teeth in his mouth and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Fake teeth

Ben couldn’t help but laugh when he found his dog with a mouth full of fake teeth, clearly not the only one at home with a sense of humor.

the dog steals his father's teeth

You never know what these mischievous four-legged will surprise us with, but dog antics are often too funny for their parents to get upset.

Since Thomas is now a celebrity, Ben decided it was time to expand the dog’s social media presence. So he has his own Instagram page @toothytomas, where he posts even more photos and videos from his daily life, which make everyone fall in love.

It is gratifying that dogs as gentle as Thomas live surrounded by love and provide us with such epic moments as these. There’s nothing like puppies, they’re like children!

Images: Instagram / toothythomas

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