The “rainbow bridge” is real. It was unimaginable what the dog was caught doing, leaving the owner speechless.

rainbow bridge is real dog
Anna Lopez

Amy Wald knows how overwhelming pet grief can be, having recently lost one of her beloved dogs. That’s why she decided to create a symbolic space that brings relief in difficult times and invites everyone who needs respite from dark days. Thanks to him, a unique place of homage was created for animals that have already disappeared from this world. Meanwhile, the behavior of one of the four-legged guests visiting the Rainbow Bridge caused an internet sensation.

Grieving the loss of a pet can be a huge burden

The biggest disadvantage of having pets is that they live a very short time. Losing a beloved pet is the worst case scenario that will happen to every dog or cat owner sooner or later. Some people spend years unable to cope with the grief that comes after their pet crosses the proverbial Rainbow Bridge. No matter how long an animal lives, it is always too short for those who care for it. However, it is important to know that difficult feelings related to the death of an animal should disappear over time or at least lose their intensity considerably.

Artist Amy Wald, who has often said goodbye to her beloved animals, perfectly understands people overwhelmed by grief. That’s why she decided to create a place that would bring comfort to all those who need it.

The Rainbow Bridge is a place of comfort for everyone who misses their pet

Amy came up with this idea while walking across Luke Lure’s flower bridge, right after losing her own pet. It is a charming place located in North Carolina, known for its exceptionally picturesque landscape, crossed by numerous bridges. The artist decided to decorate one of them, referring to the old legend of the Rainbow Bridge, a place where two worlds meet. She decided that creating a symbolic place where not only she, but also other people could say goodbye to their pets, was something very necessary in everyday life.

The woman painted one of the bridges in a quiet neighborhood with rainbow colors and then hung the collars of all her deceased pets on it. Amy has already said goodbye to 10 dogs. In this way, she honored them and relieved her sadness. Along the way, she also placed a poem about animal spirits crossing the metaphorical Rainbow Bridge.

The place Amy created has become an important point in the journey of many people who have lost their deceased pet. Over time, more and more collars and leashes began to appear on the railing, once belonging to beings whose earthly life had ended.

rainbow bridge is real dog
Anna Lopez

Even animals think the rainbow bridge is a special place

Anna Lopez is one of those who really wanted to visit the rainbow bridge Amy created. The woman was going there with her friend and her dog named Ketsia.

Anna recently said goodbye to her beloved pet, and to her surprise, when she crossed the rainbow bridge, she saw the name of her deceased pet on one of the dog tags. identity attached to the balustrade. His name was Chester. This coincidence confirmed his belief that the beloved dog was always watching over his master. The woman took it as a sign from Chester and a way of expressing gratitude for commemorating his life.

rainbow bridge is real dog
Anna Lopez

The friends were enchanted by the peace that emanated from the rainbow bridge. In addition, Ketsia the dog also felt that it was a special place. The dog, usually very lively and mischievous, remained calm and carefully sniffed the collars of the dead animals. At one point, the dog placed her front paws on the rope and lowered her head, assuming a position reminiscent of prayer. Anna admitted that it made a huge impression on her:

“She acted like she understood why we were there.”

This is not an isolated case. Other people visiting the Rainbow Bridge also confirm that their pets fall into a state of melancholy and reflection there.

rainbow bridge is real dog
Anna Lopez

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