5 rare cat breeds you might not have known existed


We suggest that you get to know better the cat breeds whose names do not flash as often as in the case of British Shorthair cats, Sphynx cats, Siamese or Maine Coon cats.

In this article we talk about those rare breeds of cats, the representatives of which are considered the privilege of true connoisseurs of feline essence.

Kinkalow cat

rare cat breeds Kinkalow cat

This cat owes its appearance to the American Curl and the dwarf munchkin. After all, the genes of these particular cats became the basis of the Kinkalow cat breed.

Representatives of this breed made the most of their “parents”: the tiny characteristic of Munchkins and the unusual shape of the ears (folded back) of the curls.

We know that the Kinkalow breed is rare. And at the moment, there are little more than a hundred of these cats in the world. Even despite the fact that the breed is steadily gaining popularity.

Likoy cat

Likoy cat

The cat looks amazing. Its coat is night black, but the resinous hairs are actively interspersed with gray hairs. It makes the cat look like a wolf or a possum.

These cats do not have an undercoat, but lykoi shed intensely and often.

Considering that there is almost no fur on the face of the licks, many call them “werewolves”.

But, when it comes to the character of these animals, the character of the lykoi cat is peaceful and loving.

Foldex cat

And these cats were born out of the “love” of three breeds at once: the British Shorthair, the Scottish Fold and the Persian cat.

Foldex cats have a gentle and friendly character. This cat becomes the shadow of its owner, constantly following his beloved person on the heels.

The ears of Foldex cats are attractively lowered and the coat is fluffy and soft to the touch.

Chantilly Tiffany

It is impossible not to mention the beauties of Chantilly-Tiffany: such cats are rare, but those who have representatives of this breed are at least happy to have an exclusive cat in their pets.

The Chantilly cat has a long, very soft and delicate coat. The eyes shine with an amber shade, and the character of such a cat is very kind and gentle.

Chantilly Tiffany is a smart cat, loves spending time with children and loves to have her fur combed with a special brush.

And, believe it, it’s worth combing it regularly – at least four times a month. Otherwise, this unusually smart, quick-witted diva’s luxurious fur coat will be covered in tangles.

Nebelung Cat

And the Nebelung cat complements our five rare cat breeds, in whose veins the blood of Russian blue cats flows.

Tenderness towards the owner and devotion are “balanced” among the Nebelung by aggression towards strangers. But with age, this character trait is leveled.

It should also be added that Nebelung cats are not very talkative cats. They prefer to be silent, only occasionally – in extremely special cases – making themselves felt with a specific calm meow.