The reaction of the dog jealous of the kitten surprises the owner who scolds him (VIDEO)

reaction dog jealous kitten
TikTok @embenhong

Social networks are full of videos that show the daily lives of people who choose to share moments from their private lives. These films feature themselves but also those who are part of them, particularly the animals. Sometimes it happens that you decide to publish something controversial or not very affectionate, as happened with the short clip that we show you today. The images show in particular the not very friendly reaction of the jealous dog to the sight of the kitten.

On the TikTok profile of “embenhong” we can see a series of videos showing dogs and cats facing certain moments of their domestic life. One video in particular caught the attention of many people. In the clip you can see a large dog resting with its muzzle on the paws of its owner, who at that moment intends to cuddle a small kitten.

The young girl gently caresses the kitten but obviously pays no attention to the big dog, to avoid jealousy. And instead, the dog does something that earns him a severe reprimand.

reaction dog jealous kitten
TikTok @embenhong

“Bad dog looking at the kitten” – we read the caption of the video shared on social networks. The reason for this writing is linked to the fact that the big dog, at a given moment, makes the gesture of biting the little kitten. Automatically and spontaneously, the teacher reacts by giving him a slap on the fingers.

reaction dog jealous kitten
TikTok @embenhong

The video ends like this, leading us to imagine that the owner will certainly avoid leaving the little kitten alone with him. This could have seriously injured him, but luckily the girl intervened immediately. This video clearly shows that you should never be surprised by your pets’ reactions and that everyone can be jealous.

Watch the video showing the jealous dog’s reaction to the sight of the kitten:

@embenhong Naughty dog looking at kitten #foryou #petsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #dogs #dogfunny ♬ 「萌宠.可爱」小萌样 – BGM音乐补给站

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