6 Reasons Cats Sleep With Their Owners And What To Do About It

reasons cats sleep with owners

Pets are strongly attached to their owners, tightly control every step, play with pleasure and comfort a person when he feels bad. Since cats spend most of their lives sleeping or napping, they often sleep next to humans. Today we will talk about why cats sleep with their owners and how to wean a pet to sleep together if such a neighborhood causes inconvenience.

1.     Cats sleep where it’s warm

It’s no secret that cats are looking for the warmest place to sleep, so they often fall asleep in the sun, warming up near the battery. One of the reasons cats sleeps on top of their owners is because they’re just cold. If you open the windows for ventilation, such as drafts, or sleep with the air conditioner on, chances are a heat-loving pet will come to you at night.

Do not forget that the body temperature of cats is 1-2 degrees higher, it is much more difficult for them to warm up, unlike humans. Therefore, pets living at home are happy to cling to their owners, to sleep in an embrace with us, thereby warming themselves. By the way, one of the reasons why the cat does not sleep with the owner is that he may be too hot.

2.     They sleep where the weather is mild

While a dog can sleep almost anywhere, comfort is extremely important for cats. The cat sleeps with the owner because he knows you are soft and comfortable. A neatly stuffed pillow, a warm blanket, neatly folded bed linen, towels and even a doll’s bed can become a sleeping place for a fastidious pet.

You don’t have to be clairvoyant to know why cats like to sleep with their owners. The human body is an ideal warm surface that can be crumpled, preparing the “couch” for a well-deserved rest.

reasons cats sleep with owners

3.     Safety is important for cats

No matter how formidable and invincible a cat wants to appear, deep down it is a gentle, helpless animal that appreciates love and care, that wants to be loved and protected. The cat sleeps with the owner because he smells her native smell, understands that they will not offend her here, which means that she can relax and sleep.

Despite the fact that purrs come from wild predators, many representatives of domestic cats are still not averse to chasing a mouse or catching a flying insect, they are soft and fluffy in their souls. In the owner they feel protection, a reliable rear, which will carefully guard their carefree sleep and rest. Plus, one of the reasons a cat sleeps on its owner is your scent. It is the aroma of our body that creates the necessary sense of security, has a calming effect on the animal.

4.     Everything must be under control

You may have noticed that during the day the animal, although it closes its eyes, continues to closely follow your movements, movements, gestures. The fact is that by nature, cats are essential to be aware of everything that happens next to them. This is necessary in order to warn in time of a possible threat, to find out where you get up at night, to see if you eat its food while the cat sleeps peacefully on its pillow.

So, another reason which is the answer to the question why the cat sleeps with the owner is control. The animals climb closer to the owner to observe us. Maybe they can beg for another helping of treats by running after the owner. They know that it is difficult for us to resist, not to pamper our beloved cat once again.

5.     They love us

Many people think that if the cat does not sleep with the owner, he does not like it. We wouldn’t be so adamant to say, but at the same time, sharing a dream with a person is one of the expressions of affection and tender feelings. Despite their selfishness and demonstrative independence, purring pets love us and try to show it in every way possible.

Cats really get attached to us, know how to get bored, show empathy, experience a wide range of emotions. Think about it, maybe the answer to why the cat sleeps with me all the time lies on the surface? Maybe you miss him, give him too little attention, disappear at work, study or go out with friends?

reasons cats sleep with owners

6.     Cats are healers

It has long been no secret that cats feel someone else’s pain, and not only physical, but also moral. Pets often lie down on a sore spot, trample for a long time, purr and eventually fall asleep directly on it. There is an opinion that cats feel the heat that comes from the damaged area, so cats sleep with their owners if they have a fever, headaches or twist their joints over time.

No one knows whether cats really have a gift for healing, but many owners claim that sleeping with a pet relieves pain, improves mood, gives one hundred percent positive emotions and brings happiness. By the way, perhaps the only reason why the cat does not sleep with the owner is your excellent health, which, you see, is not so bad.

How to wean a cat from co-sleeping

If for some reason you don’t want to share a bed with your pet, you should try weaning your cat from the formed habit. To do this, create a comfortable and warm sleeping place for your pet, this can be:

  • Soft and cozy bedding;
  • Tanning bed with high sides;
  • Suspended chaise longue, which is attached to the radiator;
  • Pretty hut;
  • Complete house with a roof;
  • Chaise longue with wall support and other options.


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