5 Reasons Why Cats Sleep On Humans

reasons why cats sleep on humans

Cat owners often report that their pets prefer to sleep with them. They can lie on their chest or on their stomach, and in winter they can climb under the covers with their master. Some would like to know the reasons for this behavior and how to wean the animal to sleep with the owner.

Why do cats sleep with their masters?

The reasons why cats sleep in front of humans have been studied for years. Most of the arguments have a scientific basis, but there are some that are more akin to science fiction. There are 5 most likely reasons cats lay on top of a person.


Cats like heat. Because of this, they can lie down at the feet of the owner, get comfortable and start purring. When the room becomes very cool, they settle on the owner’s chest or stomach. Here we are not talking about a particular love, here the cat tries to ensure its own comfort.

Lack of communication

The animal needs daily communication with the owner. But very often in worries communication with a pet comes last. Cats can be resentful and unwanted. To get at least some affection and attention, they will lie down next to the owner.

Own security

At first glance, it may seem that cats are courageous and independent animals. However, historically these animals try to be close to those who are bigger and stronger than them. At home, they see a person as such a protector and therefore try to get closer to him.

The need for control

The cat is used to having everything under control. Even when the animal appears to be sleeping, it follows with one eye the movement of a person in the room. There are several reasons for this. First, it is genetically inherent in a cat to be ready for any danger, so they are always on their toes. Secondly, the animal follows the owner and his movements in the hope of getting something tasty when he gets, for example, to the refrigerator. Well, at night you need to control that a person does not eat cat food. The best is to go to bed next to the owner.

Desire to heal

Cats have always been credited with unique abilities. One of them was the ability to feel human pain and heal it. It was believed that the animal found the inflamed parts of the body at a slightly elevated temperature and lay down there. In this way, they heal their master.

How to wean a cat to sleep with its owner

There are various reasons why the owner does not want to sleep with his pet. To wean it from this habit, it is recommended to equip the animal with:

  • Sleeping place with soft bedding or high sides;
  • A special lounge chair attached to the radiator;
  • A lodge or house for an animal with a roof.

Having such places to sleep, the animal will feel comfortable and safe. The main requirement for the comfort of the cat will also be fulfilled – it will be warm.

Does your pet like to lie on top of you? Write in the comments.


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