This Rescue Center Is Looking For Volunteers To Hug Dogs


This UK rescue center is looking for volunteers to hug dogs while they wait for their forever families

An independent semi-rural dog sanctuary called Dogs4Rescue located on Barton Moss Road in the UK, known for its ‘cage-free’ approach to breeding, is gaining widespread recognition for its work in the region. The sanctuary strives to ensure that all rescued dogs can live and socialize in a healthy and relaxed manner.

The place is a complete paradise and offers its residents a homey and happy atmosphere, while they hope to find their families forever. Thanks to their care, they have completely changed the lives of many canines over the years and have countless stories with wonderful happy endings.

The rescue center is currently in need of a little collaboration, and is bringing together all experienced dog lovers to join the team of dedicated dog cuddling volunteers.

Rescue center seeks volunteers to hug dogs

rescue center seeks volunteers hug dogs

Many of these dogs unfortunately cannot be relocated due to a myriad of problems developed prior to rescue. The task of the volunteers will be to bathe these canines and take care of them, helping them to accept human company.

The owner of the rescue center, Emma Billington says that many of these dogs are classified as aggressive breeds, which has made their adoption difficult.

rescue center seeks volunteers hug dogs

Due to the high demand and the limited time available, Emma admits that unfortunately her volunteers do not have enough time to spend with these dogs as they would like. So they hope to attract more volunteers, to accompany these lovely dogs and help them adjust to people.

rescue center seeks volunteers hug dogs

Of course, volunteers must also be strong and have some experience with caring for dogs with fear of being with people. The job description states that prospective volunteers have certain special skills such as being willing to work with challenging dogs, being comfortable with large and slightly clumsy dogs, among other requirements.

rescue center seeks volunteers hug dogs

Those interested in applying can contact the rescue center, attaching an overview of their experience, the reasons why they want to volunteer and their time availability.

Without a doubt, if you have knowledge and love dogs madly, it would be the best way to spend your day, not to mention that you are helping to change the lives of many animals with your effort.

If you want to know a little more about the rescue center and its processes, you can visit their accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.