22-Year-Old Rescued Cat Thriving In Her New Home

rescued cat 22 years thrives loving home

At the age of 22, Thelma’s owners had to abandon her due to financial difficulties. Luckily, the members of Best Friends Felines (BFF) learned of her plight and acted quickly to rescue this elderly cat from a shelter. They knew time was running out and did all they could to help restore hope for Thelma’s future.

Best Friends Felines told Love Meow:

“Our hearts broke when we found out about their plight and our hearts melted when we saw the photos. We all know BFF has a real soft spot for older cats. We knew she had to live her life surrounded by love and in a house.”

Cat rescued at 22, thriving in new home

rescued cat 22 years thrives loving home

Thanks to the great influence of social networks, the adorable kitten was rescued the same day. A volunteer foster family welcomed Thelma into their comforting home. When she emerged from the cage, it became apparent that she was frail and thin due to her thinness and lack of hair in places. Through it all, Thelma kept a strong spirit by snuggling up in blankets and pillows when she arrived.

rescued cat 22 years thrives loving home

In general, his state of health was favorable and only one urinary tract infection had to be treated. And carefully all the knots were removed from his fur; She also followed a proper diet program to regain a healthy weight.

The shelter said:

“We have found her a wonderful foster home and placed her in our palliative care program where she will live the rest of her life loved and cared for.”

rescued cat 22 years thrives loving home

After Thelma moved into her new home, it didn’t take long for her to find a comfortable place for herself: her favorite cat bed. She may be a little older and hard of hearing, but judging by the volume of her meows, that doesn’t seem to be stopping her! Thelma is in excellent general health.

After a few weeks of much-needed rest and care, Thelma’s soft fur has grown back. Walk now with enthusiasm and start playing again. Her newfound strength makes her even more mischievous; She loves sneaking up behind people while meowing loudly and watching them jump!

rescued cat 22 years thrives loving home

Every morning, Thelma jumps out of her comfy cat bed with her beloved teddy bear, ready to enjoy the day ahead.

The rescue center staff added:

“She especially likes when her bed is in the sun.”

rescued cat 22 years thrives loving home

To make it easier for Thelma to access the chairs, a ladder has been installed. Plus, plenty of plush items have been provided so their delicate paws can stay occupied. Thelma has rediscovered old passions, including that of tinkering with boxes.

Best Friends Felines ensures:

“They’re always intriguing, and she has that faraway look, remembering when she could bite off pieces with her teeth. But they’re also a wonderful scratching and rubbing object.”

rescued cat 22 years thrives loving home

On sunny days, this sweet old lady comes to the window and basks in her warmth while marveling at the day’s activities. On warm days, she often retreats to her mother’s study, never forgetting to bring her favorite stuffed animal with her to keep her company.

With each passing week, Thelma’s fur shines brighter and her health improves with the extra weight she has gained. She will always be surrounded by sunshine, the unconditional love of her family and her trusty teddy bear to keep her company.

Images: Facebook / Best Friends Felines

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