The rescued cat hid a secret which was later revealed. They had to ask for help

rescued cat hid a secret

A couple adopted a charming street cat. When the new owners realized their pet was pregnant, they decided to entrust her to professional care. They were afraid they wouldn’t be able to care for the newborn kittens. Activists from a local organization helping abandoned animals took on this task. The cat quickly surprised them. They were shocked when they discovered his secret.

They came across a cat who was hiding a huge secret

A young couple was walking when they came across a very skinny cat. The quadruped approached them and demanded attention. They decided to take him under their roof. They named him Smooch. After a while, the new owners realized that the cat was pregnant. Terrified of raising newborn cats, they decided to ask activists at the Best Friends Felines organization for help. They knew that the volunteers involved in operating this unit would know how to care for a pregnant cat and kittens that were about to be born.

rescued cat hid a secret

The pregnant cat had more secrets

One of the volunteers from the Best Friends Felines organization decided to take Smooch under his roof. The pregnant cat needed a lot of peace. Pregnancy is a huge challenge for the body, especially in this case. A new patient from an abandoned animal rescue organization received a routine veterinary check-up. The specialist was shocked when he realized how old the cat was. She was definitely less than a year old. It is estimated that he was around eight months old.

Pregnancy at such a young age places a huge burden on a still developing body. Among other things, the cat was very emaciated. The only shapely feature on her body was her belly full of kittens. Fortunately, there were no complications during the delivery. Additionally, young Smooch has proven to be a very caring mother.

rescued cat hid a secret

Cat family can feel safe

The new mother grew up with her kittens. With careful care and a very nutritious diet, she quickly stopped looking like skin and bones.

The kittens’ names were: Dutton, Jaffa, Clarence, Gemmy and Ruthie. Each of them was strong and very curious. The temporary guardian spoke about their characteristics:

“Ruthie and Gemmy are lively and curious girls. They want to know everything about everything”

The Kitty brothers, however, have been described as follows:

“Dutton, Jaffa and Clarence are very loud. They like to get into mischief and try to keep up with adult cats.”

rescued cat hid a secret

Smootch now behaves like a typical kitten. Even though she is already a mother, she thinks above all about having fun, doing mischief and hugging people. Her children are old enough to no longer need her care, so she can easily make up for what she lost while experiencing homelessness.

rescued cat hid a secret

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