Rescued Dog Adopts Orphaned Puppies After Losing Her Own Litter

rescued dog adopts orphan puppies lose litter

After losing her newborn babies, a rescued dog adopted a litter of orphaned puppies at a Minnesota shelter called Ruff Start Rescue, and they formed a loving family.

The dog named Pepper became the much-needed miracle of the 10 babies who sadly lost her mother in childbirth.

According to information provided by volunteers at the Princeton rescue center, a local dog named Poppy gave birth to a large litter of puppies. But on July 8, the new canine mother’s health got complicated and she unexpectedly passed away, orphaning her babies.

Rescued dog adopts newborn puppies

rescued dog adopts orphan puppies lose litter

At that time the volunteers took care of the puppies and created shifts to care for and feed them 24 hours a day. They were all working on caring for the orphaned puppies, but they knew they had to come up with a plan to improve the situation for the little ones.

rescued dog adopts orphan puppies lose litter

Shelter member Lexi Johnson told KARE 11:

“We started frantically thinking about our next move with the babies.”

Despite the fact that several volunteers were at the service of the puppies, their care became increasingly difficult and they needed the help of a foster mother.

rescued dog adopts orphan puppies lose litter

Due to fate, almost at the same time as Poppy’s tragedy, another local dog was experiencing her own tragedy by losing her babies. Pepper the dog was very sad, devastated and depressed, after losing her entire litter of puppies, but she would become her best choice.

Analyzing the two sad stories, Lexi saw in Pepper an opportunity for the orphaned puppies to find the motherly love they so badly needed.

rescued dog adopts orphan puppies lose litter

The shelter volunteers didn’t think twice and paired the babies with sweet Pepper, hoping that everything would turn out as expected. Fortunately, despite being in mourning, the dog was touched by the little babies, and apparently a new canine family began to emerge.

Lexi said according to FOX 9:

“We took her to the puppies’ room and she immediately sat down next to her litter. I started placing puppies around her, she lay down and the puppies instinctively limped towards her and began to suckle.”

rescued dog adopts orphan puppies lose litter

Five minutes after socializing with her new foster mother, all the puppies adjusted to her new environment and snuggled up to her. From that moment on, Pepper became her new mother, but she really was a miracle for the orphaned puppies by providing them with everything they needed.

The puppies are progressing satisfactorily, but are still in the lactation stage, so they are not yet ready for adoption. However, it is believed that by the end of August, everyone will be ready to start writing a new chapter in their life.

Lexi wrote on Facebook:

“All the babies were thriving with their humans, but the best place for them is with a mom who can not only give them good milk, but also teach them things for dogs, behaviors that we as humans cannot.”

rescued dog adopts orphan puppies lose litter

Surely Poppy must be very grateful to Pepper, for saving her babies and giving them the opportunity to have a loving mother.

If you want to adopt any of these dogs, you can apply for adoption after August 25 on the Ruff Start Rescue page.

Images: Facebook/ Lexi Ruhland Johnson

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